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  1. Destiny not found in Aurora

    I just transferred the extracted ISO back into a GOD and it ended up working. All is good now. It seems there was a misunderstanding. I've converted it to ISO and then extracted it even though you can clearly see that in the picture above. I know that Aurora doesn't support just straight ISO files.
  2. Error when opening Aurora Asset Editor

    How would I go about running tests on my memory? I've never had to do that before. Also, I downloaded it from here at realmodscene.com.
  3. Destiny not found in Aurora

    I bought Destiny on digital from my retail console and then used GoD2ISO to convert it. It's the original Destiny with the title ID "415608F8". The game is not showing up in Aurora at all. I'll scan for content manually (which I do every time as I never have it set on automatic scan) and the game will not appear in the cover flow as shown in one of my images in the Imgur link.
  4. Destiny not found in Aurora

    It has a deafult.xex, but still refuses to show up. I really only want it just to have it.
  5. Error when opening Aurora Asset Editor

    Every time I open the programme, it immediately stops responding. Upon killing the task with Task Manager, I get this error. I'm not sure what to do.
  6. Destiny not found in Aurora

    So all other games are found except for Destiny on Aurora's Dashboard. Not sure why because it's in the same folder as all of my other games that read perfectly fine. https://imgur.com/a/AKJkv