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  1. I just apply it and it look nice. Good work.
  2. Step by Step way to run COD BOP 3 1: Extract all data from ISO 2: Extract all data From Compatibility Pack 3: Merge Them both (but be sure place "snd" folder data with correct order otherwise game will freeze in menu screen) 4: Patched Compatibility pack to Swizzy' LicenseCleaner (hint: drag&drop way) 5: Place Compatibility Pack in HDD as like DLC 6: Download and Enable Title Update 7: Enjoy 8: Will regret because it is a pure Call Of Crap
  3. Thanks for ur effort. Can't wait to see on my console
  4. Looking creative, ur every single effort is so meaningful for us. Thank you.
  5. have u eye on ur internet connection? seems like it isn't stable that's why it isn't finish.
  6. No problem. Let us know if it will work.
  7. what u have to do it now, Download fresh copy of Aurora Download fresh copy of dashlaunch Delete old Aurora, dashlaunch, launch.ini and cache folder Reset ur xbox and then install Aurora, dashlaunch and save launch.ini to internal HDD(set only default path to Aurora and leave all setting as it be)
  8. Glad to hear that it works. As Swizzy said sometime plugin create a barrier to execute the game. sometime bad launch.ini bad setting create such problem. And sometime dashboard cache data also create a problem. so my advice is try to keep clean ur dashboad data, launch.ini setting and plugins
  9. sometime dashlaunch default setting dosen't allow to execute the game. i dont know in detail but it works
  10. Do this thing if u haven't dont it yet. Delete Launch.ini file wherever u saved it (If u save it on internal HDD then dont delete it) Get a USB that install XEX Menu 1.2 Eject ur internal drive (if u have) Run XEX Menu 1.2 then connect ur external drive, Go to the Drive selection menu, select ur game, hit .XEX file Let me know if this work or not?
  11. If u have a USB 16gb or more try with that one, or use "Connect X" (ur computer hdd shared folder)
  12. have u tired these games into another console? and try with "ConnectX"
  13. Have u tried these games through DVD Rom? (If u have a working DVD rom) Might be u have a bad copy of these games.
  14. my ping isn't stable at all sometime it goes beyond 30 i think this is the cause even i patch my ping limit in dashlaunch.
  15. should we call! That a difference? lolz. I heard somewhere the special edition version must be quieter than the normal one. And what about the controller? Still make a fantastic noise when hit the bumpers "RB&LB" lols
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