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  1. NICKY_36

    FORZA 4 multi disc

    how to delete ?
  2. NICKY_36

    FORZA 4 multi disc

    would like to mention that I too can not get disc 2 to work this is what I have as name and files Main Folder - 4D530910 / 00007000 / (next I have this 2 folders and 2 files as seen below Folder) 95EBDA1D45AC28BCDD5C.data inside this folder are like 20 data files Folder) 3270829F5689869653FF.data inside this folder are like 20 data files Disc 1) 95EBDA1D45AC28BCDD5C Disc 2) 3270829F5689869653FF Now I have tried everything from transferring from USB to using Fatxplorer and nothing has worked I have tried to name a new folder 00000002 and I place that everywhere in side content / 00000000 / 4D530910 / <here> and still nothing I have tried many different ways I even tried to see if put the data on dvd disc that maybe it would read the disc and nothing I get 2 error all methods I have tried Nothing to install, or please insert Disc 2, and when I get that message I have to restart FSD I think the only true way is by using the original disc 2 I did get a lot support on this game but it was unsuccessful please see my post where they offered help, maybe RMS Freshman can figure it out