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  1. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking similar to OP, there’s only a 10-20 MAME racing games I would want to add. I wouldn’t mind resizing some images for coverflow for so few games and having individual folders with multiple copies of mame. Was just curious if anyone was actually successful with this approach.
  2. Did anybody ever figure this out? I have the same idea for a racing cab
  3. I have a RGH xbox 360. It has about 800 games. It boots straight in to aurora. Only problem is each time I boot or exit a game and aurora re-loads it takes about 1-2 minutes to scan through every title before going back to coverflow. I tried turning off “auto-scan” and I opened settings.db and TUScanAtBoot was already set to 0. I attached a video that shows what I mean. This might be perfectly “normal” for aurora and thats fone of it is, it is only slightly annoying to wait 1-2 min everytime I switch games. If there’s a way to turn this feature off please let me know. 6C9091D0-E68D-4243-B56D-FAFDC90AB25A.MOV
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