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  1. Thank you. Someone helped me over at the IRC from another forum. Good thing, I did make a backup copy of the NAND. Flashed it with XeLL and it worked.Everything is fine now. Thank you for the reply.
  2. Hello guys, I bought a used RGH'd Trinity console yesterday. The owner never updated the console so I updated it to the current version of FSD. The kernel dash is : 2.0.14719.0 I needed the upnp function on the current Dash Launch to be able to update the kernel remotely. I copied the Dash Launch 3.09 folder into my flashdrive and booted into FSD. I copied the DashLaunch folder into the root of my xbox360 hdd , and removed the old version by deleting the folder. Then I opened the intallation folder and launch the .xex file. It says that it needed to update and I agreed and then it stated that it needs a reboot / shutdown. Once it shut down, I tried turning it on, but my console wouldn't boot up. The light in the middle stays on. I have tried turning it on and off for several times. It has been over 15 minutes, and still nothing.
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