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  1. so i tried flushing and resetting and nothing this is what i see with stars flying at you like the old school windows screen saver....
  2. cant get to team xecuter site, am i missing something? it says press left mouse button and flying stars every where???
  3. yes upnp router is found opened my router and used those ports and ip is set to manual on the m$ dash thanks for the reply still no go tho
  4. I've updated and setup ports on my router 3071 3074 fail fail jqe360 pass dewvlink dis ping enabled would love to get link up and running but cant...!!! any help would be awesome and i will be greatful big thanks for what the team has done so far !!!
  5. just wondering if you pm helped him if so .....could use some my self. ive tried port forwarding many different ports suggested in this thread and all same results....fail... i have 3 ports set 1 for xbox ip 2 for data 3 for brodcast. ive change the setting in dashlaunch also (dev link and ping)
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