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  1. Yeah I completely missed that note. Ah well. Still fun spamming RPG's.
  2. Ohhh okay, I must've gotten lucky that one day. Thanks.
  3. Here 2FC6D2F6-C326-4724-B370-5710A8E4FE2A.avi
  4. No, the trainer works, but sometimes the infinite ammo acts weird.. Yes I know, I'm mainly talking about the rifles and pistols and such. and of course I am. I'm running it through Aurora as I should be. Title update is on, cheats are on, cheat message pops up just fine. But, I think it's better to show you rather than explain it. EDIT: I tested it in a custom game and worked fine. That's weird. when I'm online It would do this sometimes.
  5. Crap, I worded that wrong. I meant to say while I start shooting. So say I have the DMR and the clip is full., I shoot about 6 times, and the ammo decreases. It's supposed to be a bottomless clip +infinite ammo right? Well it wasn't. So imagine if I picked up a sniper but only 4 last bullets were in it. I shoot past 4, and it does its thing, until I stop shooting, and there's no more ammo.
  6. The infinite ammo and no reload one has a bug. It's only infinite when I stop shooting. Then I have to reload and lose ammo.
  7. I got a trainer from xpgamesaves and I followed all instructions on how to use it, but it doesn't seem to work. I put trainer.xex and trainer_loader.xex on the HDD, launched the trainer_loader.xex and then the game, then hit back+dpad Up. Didn't do anything. if there is an easier method on how to do this now, please let me know. Trainer hasn't been updated since 2016, but other comments from 2017 seem to have worked out well for them, but not me.
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