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  1. So I just downloaded, does your link now contain the critical bug fix c0z found from dashlaunch? or do I need to download that also? Thanks for updating. Update: found answer in earlier post, I missunderstood Op in your post realized it was a typo lol Thanks again
  2. Shag

    Dashlaunch 3.12

    Thanks for all the work on this app to help all 360 stay safe and keep on ROCK'N!!
  3. Thanks for the awesome app to update! very easy also with avatar items
  4. Thanks for the most awsome app to update 360's!
  5. This site rocks! wish I had more time to play

  6. I updated a very old phat 360 falcon on live while on a call with a microsoft rep and it locked up in the process. So they wanted me to send it in to them to fix for a small fee, yea right. Thats how I found this forum. I downloaded the update on computer then install via usb. That got me up and running again Then I R-Jtagged it. In hind sight I would have rather just RGH'ed it before updating as Swizzy suggested. But I was successful with my R-jtag kit and soldered all myself and tunned it to glich quickly I say go for it yourself just be careful on soldering the post qsb. I also installed the Demon, duel nand system. Works great on my Phat datastream.
  7. @ xamphear I Love this app! Rock ON xamphear, and all the talented 360 hackers who worked on this app.! @JPizzle Thanks for Posting this turorial JPizzle
  8. Top of the morning to ya, JPizzle, Just used your guide on my R-jtaged Demon 360 to see how easy. SUPERB! This is easier than dissconnecting and plugging into my desktop! Thanks Man Thank you team XeBuild for your AWSOME WORK!
  9. Expand your Brain R-jtag is the bomb!

  10. This truely is a pain to do, Is there a fix for removing or editing old paths? Ive edited them and saved but F3 dosn't recognize it. Even after a manual scan. Edit: It seems that editing doesn't work on my F3Rev775. If I delete the path it will be removed, I have randomly seen the long delete times for all game save data that 235tylerlee has seen. I just use the B to back out of it and reboot. Then enter a the new path I want. Just DON'T delete your game from within the menu by pressing Y for options then delete, I lost apps that way. lol! The EDIT functionality sure would be nice if that worked correctly.
  11. R-Jtag is awesome for updated Falcons

  12. THANKS, New to 360 modding but experienced at WII modding and this is just what I was looking for! Nice way to add covers to those pesky games F3 wont auto load. Cool feature of Freestyle dash 3! Shag
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