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  1. Hey man can I commission you for a custom coverflow? All i want is something real simple in 3 size variants small medium and large. A hyperspin style coverflow on the left side of the screen. like this but on the opposite side. 



    1. KiwiMeoWii


      Hey there. I just learnt all this stuff this year so I'm still learning this as I go. As I'm still a noob at this. For what your after. You may need to hit up felida or the other devs. I know that what your after in this style you will need Aurora Default or someone else's Custom.xzp skin will be a good starting point. Once you have skin extracted with xzptool you will need to play with Aurora.QuickView.xui file with xuitool to try to simulate that style.

      As I wanted to do something like this as well. As I wanted Aurora to boot up to the Quickviews when loaded up. So I can choose what to play xbox 360, ogx, emulators hombrew etc. But I'm thinking this maybe in there code? Or not. But I haven't put it out there as of yet. Just been busy

      A little video of the Quickviews you can make it do what you want but I'm unsure of the extent of it as you maybe limited to there code but I'm unsure 

    2. KiwiMeoWii


      For the coverflows is pretty simple. But these pop up in the Quickviews so you can try to simulate your look but it will only show either all in one hit or what ever Quickview your using & changes. So when Aurora boots up it will boot what ever QuickView you choose. But by default it's at show all until you make changes to it in the Quickview options by pressing the (B) Button. 

      To simulate with what you are after is in the the skin.xzp file. So it will be the file inside the .xzp skin called Aurora.QuickView.xui file. But I'm unsure if you can get this to boot up just to QuickViews as I'm assuming it's in there code you will need there source code. But I have never tried this & know how to do this. But would like to just boot automatically to Quickviews instead of using LB or RB to get to them. 

  2. I hate to request this I actually have tried to make it myself but I cannot get the tool to work on my windows 10 PC. Basically all I want is a Coverflow that moves in a semicircle on the left habd side of my screen. Maybe in 2 different size variations. Like a hyperspin arcade wheel. Sort of like this But on the opposite side and game covers instead of the names of course. I'm working on an Arcade theme for 0.7B that I would love to share with you guys once it all finished. Any and all help would be appreciated hell I'll even throw someone some beer or coffee money if they can help me out.
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