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  1. Yep, got duoble checked and got redirected here. It doesn't look good, that's for sure. How long until we get an official statement/explnation? That would be really awesome, but seems so unlikely
  2. Just tried to go over there today and it says they're offline, then redirects people either here or to maxconsole.com "for support". Is this shutdown for good, or is just undergonig temporary maintenance? What does the mean for the future of Xbox One and JTAGs / hacks?
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    Never mind, I figured it all out
  4. z0oinks


    I followed a guide on how to dump my NAND and then make a new one to flash using 360 flash tool, but I've run into a problem When I flashed my new, updated NAND, I noticed all my games were coming up as "Video DVD". I checked my DVD key and saw that the key on the flash NAND was completely different than my original dumped NAND. I flashed back to my old NAND and now it has the right DVD key so I can play games The thing is that I imported my old dump right into xeBuildGui (2.0.9 or something) and I can watch from the output as it switches my DVD key. Does anyone know why this is happening?
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    Can someone explain me through using the XeBuildGUI then? I already have settings in my dashlaunch so I'd like to use those if I could
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    Hey guys, Is there a settings for "NoHDMIWait" in Dashlaunch? I know it's in xeBuild, but I don't really know how to use that and I could've sworn I've seen it in dashlaunch. I've been trying to plug my 360 in the Xbox One's "HDMI IN" port but it seems it doesn't finalize the handshake, as my 360 never boots until I plug it straight into my tv
  7. This worked! Thanks However, a couple covers wouldn't load so I ended up reinstalling FSD and that fixed it
  8. So I took my xbox off Static IP and now it's working. I'm gonna try to give it a different Static IP and see what happens
  9. Still didn't work In case anyone wanted to make sure of my ports:
  10. Livestrong is disabled. As for the LiNK test, it says this: UPNP Status: UNPN Enabled Router Found Data Port Status: Port 3072 TCP: Fail UDP: Fail Broadcast Port Status: Port 3071 TCP: Fail UDP: Fail JQE360 Authentication: Processing...... DevLink Disabled: Pass: DevLink is Disabled Ping Patch Enabled: Pass: Ping Patch Enabled What I don't get is that I've opened up both ports for my xbox 360, and it still says they fail Also, JQE360 Authentication never changes from "Processing...."
  11. So this is a recently occurring problem. At first, I set everything up perfectly- I opened my ports for LiNK, turn on pingpatch and turned off devlink, linked my xbox to jqe360, and could download covers. However, now, I can't link to jqe360 and I can't download any covers. When I go into the settings to link it, I type in my username and password and click the button, but no text shows up saying that it was successful. I've made sure that both my username and password are correct. Also, when I go to my games and select "Refresh artwork" it says it's downloading two items, but the cover never shows up. Can someone tell me what I can do to fix this?
  12. Okay, so i have a tiny problem. No matter what I set the delay to, the red screen always shows for 3 seconds. I had it set to 14, standard, and it showed for 3 seconds. When I tried 10, and then 0, nothing changed.
  13. Well, I tried making an account with z0oinks but never got the email. I tried z0oinks1 with a different email and got it. I'd still much rather use z0oinks, not z0oinks1
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