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  1. I downloaded the 2 updates with google chrome (previously with firefox). Now the files dont have any extension! HOW IDIOTIC IS THAT? The question remains: How do u put 2 files with same name in the same folder? Can i rename one of them? Do i have to put update 1 first, then the 2nd? Can i delete them afterwards from 000B0000 folder ?
  2. 7zip cant open them... If they were ok even winrar would work....
  3. Hi guys! A little help pls.FSD3 TU download is slow. (around 50kBps) so I tried manual but im stuck. 1. I downloaded for COD Ghosts 2TU updates from http://marketplace.jqe360.com/ They have the same name and the same extension: 7z but they are not archives. Tried to open them and winrar reports they are damaged. The name for both is: tu00000005_00000000.7z 1.How to copy them in the same location with the same name ? 2.Which location is that? /cache or /000000000000/game id/xxxxxxxxx 3. Xbuc sync does not install in win 8.1. Any easy way? Thanx!
  4. I did that , update completed successfully, but no avatar data got tranferred! I have a corona 4GB(internal MU) , with a usb external hdd (32GB usbmu + 300GB fat32 partition). My profile is on usbmu. Now im on 16537. How to procede?
  5. Thank u, hope the xebuild update procedure for corona works now!
  6. What I dont understand , how is it possible to update the dash without cpu key beeing required ?
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