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  1. thank you so much swizzy, finally a proper answer from someone who knows their stuff. all i ever get normally is flash in xell or use one the many nand programmers. i did send it away before the sweet dashlaunch/xebuild method to be hardware flashed but to be honest if i keep doing that LOL thats gonna cost a bomb. i was told by one person that getting a new chip installed would not cure the problem? oh yeah if you want a giggle/fright let me know and i`ll post pics of my chip(honestly it wasn`t me who installed it) cheers grolly
  2. thank you swizzy BUT that leads to the main issue grrrrr LOL this 360 will not dump or write the nand. hence the reason i`m so desperate to give the xebuild/dashlaunch method a try. theres a screenshot of my xell,its says nand features will not be available???? if you still want a copy of my nand just shout LOL as i say though i can`t write it but i do have a dump on disc round here somewhere
  3. i have dashlaunch 3.12 installed and still can`t get updsvr running i ran a seperate updsvr.xex file which tells me i need to update patches but update patches button in DL is greyed out also i have been through a number of DL release`s but not one has asked to update patches. DL also shows board:trinity flash:unknown type:glitch cheers grolly
  4. v3.08 (523) http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/2260-dashlaunch-doesnt-read-flash/ above is the same problem as me except mine is a trinity.
  5. yep. also dropped the 360 into a dmz router side. i updated dl from 3.07 to 3.08 but it didn`t mention anything about patches not sure if that is relevant??? and thanks for your time guys
  6. figured i`d try the new update method but can`t find the xbox whilst in dashlaunch??? tried forced ip but no dice,tried pinging the the xbox and big fail too hmm network works flawless from fsd xex menu ect. (wired with static ip) any idea`s whats blocking it from network?
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