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  1. I've got Disney Infinity installed on my JTAG, and most of the lego games, they all work fine (running from disc, or from hdd when extracted) - think I never managed to get one of the Indiana Jones ones working from hdd (but would play from dvd ok, so wasn't too bothered). Only time I've seen dodgy looking graphics like those in your pictures was whenever I tried playing PGR4 on old xbox I had. Graphics would get distorted at various points, normally within a few minutes of the game starting (other games were ok). Few weeks later I got the red lights of death on the machine. Fixed that and PGR4 worked ok on there... weird...
  2. I get all my it e-books from here: http://it-ebooks.info/ - quite a few Lua books on there if you search. Never heard of Lua before, might take a look
  3. I had the same problem with this game. Tried disc 1 as a god package and got the same error. Anyway, I've just managed to get it working... If you can extract the files for disc 1, you need to get access to the content directory and copy the files from the content\0000000000000000\ffed2000\ffffffff directory of disc 1 to the internal drive of your xbox, however, it needs to go into this folder: content\0000000000000000\4b4d07f6\00000002 I then downloaded TU7 for the game through FSD and tried launching it, but still got the same error about a title update being needed. So, I told FSD to download all the other title updates available for the game, and marked them all as active. Relaunched the game and the error has gone away and all the dlc is available
  4. I've got a problem with some games, when I try and launch them, FSD gives a black screen and then eventually reloads itself. I've done some experimenting with one of the games - when it;s been extracted to the hard drive using FSD, and I launch it, FSD gives a black screen and resets. If I use XISO Extract and FTP the files across and launch it, the game works. Similarly running the game from disc works. Just wondered if there was a reason for the game not working via the FSD extracted option? (My JTAG is updated to the latest DashLaunch and kernel)
  5. Shame. Still can't complain, they did a great job with FSD
  6. Danny Lane

    2 dvd games

    For most games, I normally extract disc 1 to a disc1 folder, and disc 2 to a disc 2 folder and FSD just switches over automatically when the other disc is needed. (Make sure the scan depth is the scan settings are enough to go down enough levels to meet your folder structure - I'm lazy and think I've set mine to 6) Your folder structure would be something like this: USB0: ---> Games ---------> BTF4 ----------------> Disc1 ----------------> Disc2 However, not all games seem to want to work for me like that, especially when disc 2 appears to hold content that needs to be installed (Forza 4 springs to mind, as does GTA 5). In that case, I install the game from disc. When thats complete, I extract disc 1 to my external drive like normal and that seems to work ok.
  7. I remember reading about (and seeing screenshots) of the new version of FSD a few years back - RXE I think it was... Looked swish at the time. Anyone know if this is still being worked on?
  8. I've had that issue too... Only happens when I'm logged into a profile on a usb stick and running dashlaunch from a different external hard drive. Copying dashlaunch to the hdd and running from there (even when logged in via the usb stick) solves the problem(well, for me anyway)
  9. Wait for an update... (I've been helping to test a new version on my corona)
  10. I've got the same problem with the same setup as you (even down to the Star Wars edition). Definitely something with this setup - used the same laptop/network to update a phat console ok. Just wonder to do next....
  11. Been playing around and managed to find the updserv package that comes with JRunner - launched that on my slim, and that gives me the following: ***You need to update patches for this utility to be fully enabled*** network initialized OK loaded server dll OK starting server.... press X to quit status thread started Server could not be started!! Status - not running, no network So, how do I apply these patches? I'm running DL 3.08, it doesn't prompt me to do any updating (it did when I first installed it) Is there a way to reinstall/refresh the DL install?
  12. Tried it that way too... Interestingly, I tried my other rgh box (a phat one) and it worked on there. Went back to my slim box and retried, and still can't get it to work :/
  13. I can't get past the finding my xbox bit Both my laptop and xbox are on a wired lan, both in same IP range (I can ftp from the laptop to xbox ok using the ip address). I've tried specifying my xbox IP address in the command line too. They have same subnet addresses. I've disabled firewall in windows, and also on my router, no joy there though. DashLaunch show updserv as enabled in configuration, but when I look in system info, it is shown as not running (guessing this is why I can't connect)? Any ideas? Thx in advance
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