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  1. Hi Guys , I have the 16203 Kernal ! . And the console is not picking up the update for me. Tried putting the 2 named folders on the root of the drive but to no avail. Also launched a game and it also did`nt picked it up . Can someone please help me out here ? Please keep in mind that i do not have a kinect , i am just trying to play via system link and i have been told that this update is required for that Edit : Never mind . It worked
  2. It passes all the tests with the ports etc ? you still think there could be a prb ? Also i have not configured this avatar data ? can you please link me to a guide for that
  3. Thanks man ! . I Installed and updated everything from scratch. Now i can see all the link based rooms in Blacops 2 . But when i try to join in , it loads for a sec and comes back to the menu saying unable to join session. I am using the latest TU What could be causing this ?
  4. Hi Guys , I have been figuring out how to setup Link on my JTAG Xbox. Faced numerous problems , learned a lot and now stuck at the very end . I am using FSD3 rev 402 Dashlaunch 3.07 All the ports forwarded correctly and the tests passes all the results within FSd3 as well Now here is the problem . When in a game i press the guide (xbox) button and go over to link , and go to the lobby , either it crashes the console or it gives a msg saying fat crash intercepted. All i can see in the lobby are Random number of users against different rooms like 123131343 Users etc . Can some one please please help me out here . I have read everyother guide that is available over the internet . I can provide my launch.ini settings anything if asked .
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