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  1. aww thanks Swizzy, always with the right answers! shame though i wanted to try this game horizon 2 was not something that exited me so much and i lost faith in the NFS series
  2. Hey guys i just got the crew and i wanted to know if its like destiny's only live mode to play singleplayer so i just erease 13gbs of stuff out of drives and suffer in silence or in case it allows us to play offline hows the installation its kinda confusing since almost the same folders on both disks. thanks
  3. Hey guys i just downloaded Far cry Blood dragon iso that i found online, but it seems it needs something done to unlock the full game because it can only play for 10 minutes after going back to menu, and i also see an unlock menus button plus an unlock full game video after exiting the game. I tried two installation methods, first of i found the iso size was incredible for the size that was displayed on the xbox market. The iso was 8Gb and when i had it extracted it was merely 1.4Gb, so i copied it to my external drive, then to my internal right to my iso's folder, game popped up but it was limited. Second try i found a content folder which i moved to my content, another game instance appeared, same deal with limited game. The third and last try was to use iso2god and have the god installed into the content like before, same result just demo functions. Seems i missed something or this is all im getting for not buying it. I cant find any info about this. Maybe someone experienced something different?
  4. Thank you Swizzy thats what i needed, thanks a lot, will do it right now, i was watching Riddick last night and i fell asleep
  5. besides it takes way more time to transfer stuff, its safe to use an external drive to transfer, its both faster and safer, just remember the paths and the scan settings, also if you copy from the external and not move from it, unplug it before scanning or it will mount the games from there and from the internal drive, showing you 2 instances of the same game
  6. they are normal, just keep it in a safe low place where dust wont bug the fan, and nothing will cover any of the vents, in my case when i first had my xbox rgh i didnt know what temps were the optimal, and they were around 80° celcius, it worked for a week till a cable of the rgh came down because it was so hot the damn tin melted and make the cable loose, so no more xbox till the guy who did the job solder it like it was supposed to, still i turn the fan up to 80% noise but since im in the city i forget the fan exists, plus headphones
  7. Excuse my question but, why get bugged with usb transfer rates when you can buy a cheaper and way faster internal hdd, basically the same kind of drive, except this one goes in, you can use it as your main hdd, and transfer stuff from the external or the pc by lan or wlan networks, i bought myself a 1tb drive, bought the xbox casing from china and i have 940gb of space for at least and at most 157 titles plus dlcs. In my country getting external hdds are way expensive because they have the design box, the outer plastic case, cables and they are sometimes 3 times more expensive than a single oem drive of a good brand, you just need to get the case which are like 2 dollars or so, Im now using a hitachi drive, same brand apple uses and it works like a charm, i really recomend that. Now transfer stuff is a small pain, but the gain is good, what i did was, first move all the games, then the content folder for the tus and dlcs, transfer my profile to a usb flash drive, then i put the new hdd, format it, install fsd, set everythin up, put my profile/games/content everything new, and it worked, it can happen that even though you use horizon or such, you'll end up missing avatars, youll need to install the same kernel so the avatars work again. After that i can use the original hdd as internal disk since this drive doesnt get full. If you need help i can provide you with the steps i made, since i was worried it wasnt going to work and i didnt find a guide that said "how to install +320gb hdd".
  8. i want to update since new games wont be working on my 16203, but i want to ask as much as possible so i dont break it, dashlaunch is already on v3.11 and it displays this, i want to be sure its safe for me to update TIA! Dashlaunch: Board: Corona Flash: Corona Type: Glitch2 Kernel: 2.016203.0
  9. Its actually and mostly that your kernel is not the latest just like it happens to me, when you open the game it will just close with an xbox message like, i read we need to update the kernel since in my case 16203 is not going to work on newer games, i read on other forum of someone who made a bat like file to update the kernel just by having it connected over lan o wlan to the pc and have the xbox run latest dashlaunch 3.11 with the updserver enabled and type a command in the pc so the process can start, i seems so simple that i wanted to update but im afraid that i may need some requirement like board type or kernel or something, so i want to consult someone who can tell me if it is secure to do so.
  10. Hey guys I recently bought an slim xbox with 250gb hdd, I had it put rgh. So now if I go to the info tab what I see is FSD-Version: Dashboard 2.2 Rev725 Skin-Name: MetroStyle_ES.xzp Kernel: 2.0.16203.0 I would like to update to the lastest. But Im confused on how to proceed I read the posts for F3 but I'm not sure if it works for me as I don't see any special requirements I have to meet in order to proceed. Can someone point me to the right direction? Thanks a lot
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