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  1. I'm so sorry guys, but I'm not working on other skins, not even for Aurora. Dash RT 2.1 remains my last definitive work in the RGH scene, in fact I still use it. Goodbye.
  2. Back to the default skin and delete the xzp file of Dash RT. Empty the cache. Redownload the Dash RT, reinstall the skin from a pendrive and not via FTP. If the problem persists, there are only two reasons: either you have too many games in the list or you have downloaded the covers at a resolution too high.
  3. You can use "Xbox UI Tool" or "XUITT by Keyser", you can find guides and programs in this forum.
  4. At the moment there aren't new versions in progress. Unfortunately, with the arrival of Aurora, my skin has become obsolete for many people. In addition, the FSD has not been updated after the rev775, so I'm afraid it's been abandoned by TeamFSD to give priority to Aurora.
  5. I understand the alleged error to which you refer. I'd like a confirmation by xcoom or other Polish users before making the correction.
  6. Sorry, I don't make changes on request. I haven't been able to verify all the translated words because I don't know polish language, but I think that xcoom has done a good job of translation. However, some words can not be translated in the skin or I decided to leave them in English, as even on other versions in Italian and Spanish.If there are other users who complain about of translation wrong, together we can discuss it here in the forum.
  7. With the FSD file manager, delete all folders named "Dash RT" in the xbox path: Hdd / Freestyle Dash / Data / Skins. Then, delete all files xzp named "Dash RT" in the xbox path: Hdd / Freestyle Dash / Skins. Download again the file rar of my skin, extract and install again the file xzp via pendrive and not via FTP.
  8. Ok, I corrected it. Thank you very much for your help, soon I will publish the links of the definitive versions.
  9. These should be the definitive versions. What do you think? http://www.firedrive.com/file/33EEB2E300D6C828
  10. I made ​​the changes. http://www.firedrive.com/file/A11A9857CA74E68C If you feel that it's okay, I publish the final version. Otherwise tell me what there is to fix.
  11. I finished the changes. You can take a test. If you find errors, you say to me and I will correct them. http://www.firedrive.com/file/84B80B829BE84BCC
  12. Hi xcoom, finally I found you. I could not find your private message and I did not remember your nickname. The website is under maintenance, I can not send you a private message. If you can read this message, please reply here on the topic, I need to contact you.
  13. Hi xcoom, finally I found you. I could not find your private message and I did not remember your nickname. There is some problem with the site, I can not send you a private message. Can you give me your email address?

  14. I am looking for the user who sent me the Polish version a few days ago. I can not find her private message and I do not remember his nickname.
  15. Revision Replaced all the links of version 2.1, fixed some small graphical errors in the skin.
  16. In my opinion, there are only two possibilities:1) Check the settings of your TV, the edges of the screen may have been enlarged. This does not allow you to see the whole picture. I had this problem on my tv.2) Check that your FSD is the latest version, this option TID/MID was introduced in rev775.
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