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  1. On 8/17/2018 at 3:34 AM, felida said:

    ok, so it seems to be the edited skin.xur that is causing the freeze/crash.. hahaha.. i'll have to go back through and figure what exactly is causing it.. just GRRRRRRR tho.. nothing "should" be causing it to mess up.. hahaah

    oh so it was the skin hahaha, good luck finding the problem!

  2. 21 hours ago, felida said:

    that would mean something else is causing the error.. could be a bug in aurora, could be something else.. 


    i know there is a known issue with cr4 and phats.. where it will get stuck at boot.

    I mean it got to the loading screen of Aurora, so its definitely Aurora, but it doesnt matter cuz it has happened like once in the thousand times i have booted Aurora.

    I have a slim corona btw.

  3. On 8/9/2018 at 9:33 PM, felida said:

    And as for the booting process.. the profile cache does add a couple of seconds to the boot time..

    But is it okay even if the guide button doesn't work during that ?

  4. Just tested the skin, it somehow never passes the loading screen, it gets stuck on the Aurora splash screen where the titles load.


    Edit: Oh finally loaded after a third reboot, never had that problem before. Great job on the skin tho! It really is fluid af. Are you thinking of changing the font btw ?


    Xbox 360 10-Year Anniversary Skin

    by Xian07


    With transparency all across the dashboard.

    Elegant and clean design + fonts.

    Fully tried and tested, no bugs as of now.

    Compatible with Aurora 0.7B




    (Had to compress images to post hence shit quality :( )








    (If you want the best animation effect like shown in the screenshots, use these settings or just tweak them to your preference :P)






    ElegantXbox10YearCelebXian07.xzp (Mirror: Mega)



    Based on a skin by Srealmoreno. Thanks.

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  6. Tomb Raider Skin

    by Xian07


    With various effects and animations, all custom Tomb Raider style.

    All 8K (YES 8K!!!) high detail images used. (Cropped/Downscaled for support with X360, most details preserved)

    Fully tried and tested, no bugs as of now.

    Compatible with Aurora 0.7B


    (Version 2 in the works and coming soon with sound and even better animations 😉)









    (TR logo may appear at the top and bottom of the screen, if you don't like it, use the "Display" option in "View" and cut it out by zooming vertically)



    V1: TombRaiderXianV1.xzp (Mirror: Mega)

    V2: Soon.



    Based on "Reggae" Skin by Exterminador. Thanks.

    Special thanks to Darkdexx86 for his 8K Images.

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  7. I recently updated my Xbox 360 Slim Corona 4GB Model to the latest dash 17511 from 16XXX. (I followed a tutorial but i don't know if i can post a link to another forum)

    Everything went fine and my Xbox 360 was updated. (I applied the avatars update too).

    Dashlaunch was also updated to 3.18.1 from 3.16 and i also copied the new installer in my Xbox's HDD so that the GUI also shows 1.18.

    I resumed playing BF: Bad Company 2 (extracted ISO) and after some time got a "Fatal Crash Intercepted". I relaunched the game and played the same part (where i got the crash) but this time i got no error and completed that whole level.

    (I can provide logs of the "simple xbox 360 nand flasher" and "Xebuild" if that helps)

    So can anyone tell me what caused the "Fatal Crash Intercepted" and what can i do to prevent it from happening again. (It has only happened once since updating. I played LiNK BO2 Multiplayer for an hour after it but nothing happened)

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