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    Awesome skin. Wish it had the Xbox logo at start instead of ps5
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    Hello all. I made a translation for Aurora 7.0b to polish language. The translation is done 100%. Maybe someone will use it. File: PL-PLv3.xzp CRC-32: a0aa1aee MD4: e952eb6c075d72d8f00a26de8cbf59ba MD5: b89568d3857ca19259caded7c56a61fe SHA-1: 966d42441d85261eb89ede1659b42ef23336c151 File : pl-PL piterk.dat CRC-32: 3c94a636 MD4: 3eb44b6ed30a12b4f506b4437c4d3bef MD5: e4a5502cc36b0237ce9e743232b5fbd5 SHA-1: 1f05707bdd3090ffd2c467cf7084c1e88044b480 File: PL-PL.xml CRC-32: 40725723 MD4: c6f4c2d1126c860df9b0f59034b7e1c9 MD5: 9b50089029ad12691fc6c4e20f769261 SHA-1: 35b4dd5fe360aec73b35686dc691879b3e39da88 pl-PL piterk.dat PL-PL.xml PL-PLv3.xzp
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    So why you even comment. Plus the FSD coverflow is custom? The fsd coverflow didn't build its self out of fresh air. These coverflows are for people that wanted them & a different look than the other coverflows. There not for everyone. But hay I put these up for people to enjoy.
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