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    I don't want to attempt an update for situations like this. I said in another thread how i don't "need" to update as all the games i've installed on my jasper Phat 360 work fine and all the games that i continue to install, boot with no issues. Someone agreed with me, then another person responded by saying, "it's always good to be on the latest firmware." Says who? you? I beg to differ as being on my current firmware hasn't had any negative effects whatsoever. If every game i install boots and if it supports systemlink and i can play it's multiplayer, then an update isn't necessary. Anything can go wrong as this situation proves and i won't let anyone shame me or bully me into updating, just for the sake of updating. And this person seemed to be really attentive and careful on the steps he took. This shows that it isn't full proof, even for the technically inclined and experienced person. Swizzy: "First of all, you shouldn't have used 2.092 at all, you should've used 2.097 so you can build the latest version..." Why wasn't this included in the tutorial? and if it was, why wasn't it pointed out that it could result in a brick, if not followed? I'm taking the word of the OP that he followed the tutorial, face value. So in that sense, if you did include that step, he would have followed it. When writing a tutorial on updating a Nand, you would want to insure that every step suggested, should reduce the probability of a brick. And to leave out steps, that may reduced the possibility of a brick, just to mention to someone after they bricked their 360 from following a tutorial you wrote, that you should have done, X Y or Z that was left out or omitted in the tutorial is irresponsible and reckless. It's never said, implied or suggested by people on this forum or anywhere else, that whenever you attempt to flash your nand, there's a high probability that you can brick your 360 but people suggest and even encourage people to do it as if there's no chance of a brick. However, i know better... And i feel it's wrong to prompt people to flash their nand, without reminding them of the potential consequences of a brick. There are options for reviving a bricked 360 but not everyone has the know how or confidence on tearing down a 360 and installing a hardware flasher. or they don't have the time or money. Some people would simply be intimidated by the process. I also take into consideration that i have a deep love for this particular Jasper xbox 360 in the fact that i have a lot of history with it as i've had it since i purchased back in the day. So i have sentimental value and nostalgia associated with my 360 and i don't want to risk it getting bricked. I would only update the nand, if it was absolutely necessary. I've always considered myself lucky, after a successful nand write, when updating my 360 back in the day and it doesn't make me feel any less concerned about a possible brick after those successful writes. I've always wiped sweat from my forehead after a success flash! I'm speaking for me specifically, being some people claim to not be able to play some games on lower firmware. My current firmware is 2.0.17349.0 released 4/30/2015 I'll say again, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And at the end of the day, if my 360 bricks like this poor guys 360 did, i'm the only one that has to live with the consequences of that brick, not someone i don't know on a forum, that's encouraging me to flash it for no reason other than an update exists. This is for anyone thinking they need to update without any obvious reasons.
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