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    GTAV requires xbox live, and we dont help with live hacking/stealth on this site.Thread closed.
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    No longer unavailable; please remove post. thanks /* Phat RGHv1.2 consoles for sale, no power brick or controllers. I have 5 total a few falcons and some BB jaspers; all run cool boot within 10 seconds every time and are fully functional. most are on dash 17150 with xell-reloaded 993 dashlaunch patches included. I can update them if you want just ask. I will send a usb drive with the latest aroura, xexmenu, emus, a launch.ini, nand.bin, and cpu/dvd keys. All have working disk drives but they are original drives with stock fw. I will ship anywhere in USA for $15, sorry no international. same day ship; PayPal only thank you. */
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