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    Just made this in PDN All images used are not owned by me and are owned by the respective person, If you want me to take this down/Remove your picture then pm me.
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    Hi this is my first post here. I have a Jtag-ed xbox 360 slim and i have been running games from xex menu with no problem for the past 3 years. I did all the updates that came, and fifa 17 and all other games were running just fine till yesterday, when solely out of curiousity i did PATCHXEX on a single folder of fifa 16 in xex menu after which none of the default.xex files of the many games i have, are working. They all the "The game couldnt start, try downloading the game again" I suspected that my xexmenu was corrupted due to the patchxex so i uninstalled and then installed xexmenu 1.2 again but i'm still getting the same error. Please help.
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    Glitch in the game ? perhaps an update will fix it,unless of coarse there was a sequence of events (a puzzle or something) required to do first before proceeding.what does web search say with others with the same issue if any
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    It's been a while since i last played this game,you should probably include what level you are talking about ,so that people who played the game might have an idea.Maybe there's puzzle or something to open it?
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    Yeah.. the unofficial rev d, and everthing else after that.. has a crystal on the coolrunner itself.. which is for corona.. it does its own timing cycle..Basically if u wanna use point b, u have to disable the crystal.. if not, dont use the point.. and you get what u got.. a glitching console.. But my advice? Just dont use point b lol.. as i believe it isnt used by corona anyhow.. but it is on the rev d's as it is made for multiple consoles.. if u were gonna use it in a phat.. you would have to disable the crysal
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    I do believe it is like this: The gizmo scene has a preset section of hight and width.. but the visuals inside are scaled within the section mate.. if you want that part bigger.. you have to adjust it manually within the xur of it.. and not your new module
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    Hi Guys I'm quite new to this so pls bear with me I am trying to use the system link feature in Aurora,I have an account I have checked all the test,I can see lobbies but I can't join them I'm playing Call of duty black ops 2 whenever I see a lobby I join it then I go in game amd open system link in multiplayer menu and select join game but there is nothing there to join I don't know what to do Also I have a weird problem when I start bo2 from hardrive(Installed Version)I can't play multiplayer it says can't start please redownload but when I use my cd it works perfectly
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    It will work. I've done it. No. For a R-JTOP or a R-JTAG you will need to update the stock Nand to at least 15572/15574 but not for a RGH 1.2 because CSEQ check is disable in RGH 2.0 and RGH 1.2 = RGH 2.0 ECC + RGH 2.0 FB Image. So no worry about the fuses. Thus you can still revert to RGH 1 anytime you want. A little more explanations : And that :
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