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    Hi Guys, my name is x12eece and I created the original Xbox 360 Screen Capture GUI as far as i know, here is the final version(has been final for over 3 years now!) DOWNLOAD: http://www.filedropper.com/xscgui
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    Thanks SNAKE_8 That's because I deactivated sounds. I like having Metro sounds but it feels weird to ear these on some screens and none at the rest so I decided to disable all of them. There are lots of thing I have to learn about how XuiTools works yet, tho By the way, I edited last post to encourage people learn how skins works because there are lots of ideas which can be done -as Swizzy suggested- Funny thing is when I removed the blurred background I create a even_more_transparency_everywhere skin, will test it a bit today and if it works fine I'll upload it as a xmas gift or whatever.
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    get the newest Title Update and check your Port Forwarding in your Router
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    after batman came crashing into the window in episode 1,the game loops again from the beginning. Any solutions? ps i tried downloading from several sources already but the same problem keeps on happening
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    oh i see! thank you very much for the help!
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    RGH 1.2 will work onto RGH 1 but you still need to create a RGH 2 hacked Freeboot image.
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    I understand it was a joke, but as a hacker, I personally take offense to jokes, that paint all hackers as destructive black hats. I have compromised many systems, networks, etc...... I never did it to deface, or destroy systems. I do it for the challenge, as security systems intrigue me. I could care less about that kiddie scripting destructive crap that is attributed to hackers as a whole community. Any real hacker would take offense to this, as it is this misunderstanding that paints all of us as destructive. It is some descriminatory crap as far as I am concerned, and the persona that is inflicted on us, as a community, causes new laws to go into effect that then makes it more illegal for us to do what we find interesting. Not saying that all of my exploits have been run in a legal sense, but it is less about what you do in my mind, and more about the destruction you cause, which is what most people think of when they think of hackers. That needs to change. A little information on hackers...... Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak invented the Blue Box(Phone Hacking Technology, That gave free long distance), long before the first apple computer. This was how they funded the invention of the first Apple Computer. Wozniak also used to invent all sorts of electronic pranks, 1 for example would scramble analog signals, so he could make people get up and adjust the TV/Radio antenna as a joke. In the 90's another group of hackers on their mission to get Kevin Mittnick freed from prison hacked the McDonalds Drive through window to help get their message to the customers, and to mess with the employees. Fact is, some hackers are just bored pranksters, others enjoy the puzzle, while others are bent on destruction, and world domination. lol. Unfortunatly, it is the small portion that is destructive that paints us all as criminals.
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    I believe that Unity uses a JSON based format, so I would look into using that library to parse the info, as for the login info, you might have to pass your API key everytime, but that shouldnt be to hard to pull from the database.
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    To use GetFriendlist.php i still need a php Session. Any ideas or workaround? The current LUA code isnt enabled for cookies and xboxunity doesnt pass the phpsession id in the URL via GET Thats why we should have APIKey based functions, without performing multiple logins.
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    Thank you so much, for the fast answers, my friends! This world need more people like you, who are ready to help others ! Really apreciate the support ! I will try now with a new coolrunner rev D chip, RGH 1 method. Trying to use good cables and best positioning. If not work, i will flash the needed retail nand and try RGH 1.2. By the way, I am not using the DVD drive ( it was on LT 2 hack ), so it is not important for me to be able to run DVD's with new games on it. Also I have all the keys ( CPU , DVD ) and good original nand dumps from before ( only 4 bad blocks in not important positions, already remaped with j-runner, and console were working with them up to this day). And yes, the console starts with the original nand without problems.
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    I was just trolling dude.. but yeah main guy is mia.. just keep checking every lil biy
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    I don't remember if it was here that I saw someone talking about it, but I saw someone talking about it around here, so I'll talk about it again Something to change the resolution on the fly for some games would be good, like starting an OG Xbox game and it goes to 480p, and then when you go back to Aurora the resolution returns to 1080p Some games like SoulCalibur 2 only have widescreen in 480p mode, and some games run better at this resolution too Dunno if it's possible though
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