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    It should be okay in there as long as you don't move your PS4 console while it is in there. Always take out your discs if you move your console around anywhere.
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    Smarthdd would be the plan here but you need access to the Sata interface to send ATA smart drive control codes directly to the drive to receive their associated attributes back I don't believe the kernel gives you access to this. Worst case scenario in a retail console if your drive died is you would loose your offline profile as you can re download your live profile, games you own there was not really much incentive to get too fancy here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T.
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    Eatons FatExplorer does not offer defrag capabilities (yet), but it lists fragmented files on the file system. you can use this list to delete them and re add them manually that will help with fragmentation. it is sort of why Microsoft games are stored in god format to help limit fragmentation. Eaton has planned to defragment support and read write capabilities of the original xbox's fatx format hdd (xtaf big endian?) in the future but eaton is not the fastest developer at pushing updates :-) and being a one man operation I can understand this.
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    Hi. Here's my first skin for Aurora v 0.6b Starting from mrknorton's SteamOS (which I like a lot. Thanks mate) Changed colors, buttons sprites, added full color optional icons, and a couple of tweaks here and there as you can see on the screenshots. Update: - Added Left menu version (default game options menu) - Little button displacement bug fixed on Right menu version. - Removed LT and RT icons from Right menu version. Default boot screen -> Aurora logo Alternative screen -> Xbox360 logo ------------------------------------------------------------ Left game options menu version: BlueMountains_v1.0b.zip Right game options menu version: BlueMountains_v1.0.zip
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    Yeah, they have changed up the xb1 version more than what it was initally.. but is for the better lol..
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    Not to kick ya in the head.. but killer instinct on xb1 comes with both those games.. now.. as for emulating them.. you do have the snes port, and the n64 port.. which both work on 360 afaik.. but yea
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    hi guys , usually this folders show up with there names for example 415608b5 The Amazing Spider-Man etc... and i dont know how to fix it , probebly i was play with the dashlaunch little bit but probebly thats what cause the prob , please please any help , thanks you
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    Personally, I change the settings for the default view to add filter to add hide multi disc filter. Now it only shows me the first disc for every multi disc game. Much faster, and with utility scripts, easier. i could write you a script that does it, in like 10 minutes.
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    The speed increases from defragging an xbox hard drive would be minimal at best. If you are so worried about it, put your games on an external HDD, and defrag the crap out of the fat32 partition.
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    If you have Dual Stack lite you only see a IPV4 address. Like I said befor, if you Dual Stack Lite (1,2) used, in your private lan IPv4 addresses are being used. Wait for the response from your ISP.
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    I linked my unity account but when i go to download a minecraft title update... When i try another game It works fine plz help Sent from my LGLS992
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    Ok mate, thanks a lot, I hope you can upload the TU in the future when you can do It or when you have free time
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    It's done, the server when you upload a skin it analyzes the metadata so the user won't need to enter manually the name of the skin, the author and the skin version. Also it checks if the aurora version is plus than 0.6, if not, it won't allow you to upload it. Same thing with coverflows. The website and thescript are in maintenance, when it's available i will edit the post with the new URL and will update the official repo. I think in a few hours i will finish it all Some ToDos: When the next Aurora releases, i will add a feature to download only the skins compatible with the version you have, for now it's not needed. When the web got more content i will add a feature on the website to list the skins with an install button so you can select install on many content and when you start the SkinDownloader will ask you to download the queue you requested on the website
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    hi here is my mini review about the new ps4 slim I miss anything interesting ? make a comment below on youtube or in the forum then i will make a part 2 video