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    Hello everyone! I have a great doubt and would like clarification. How does the LinkUp server work? Sorry for the question, but I'd like to know. Thank you!
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    Hi All, - I need to ask a question. On new clean XBOX there is an aurora 0.6b installation. Be aware that i didn't done this installation so i don't know if someone done anything else before me. Basically i wanted to try playing Civilization Revolution and game simply breaks. I went to the log files and Then i found out that in log file i have few DLL missing but i have managed to find all except this one { "time" : "23:08:04.714", "thread" : "0xF9000050", "type" : "error", "filter" : "DllBase", "message" : "Failed to load game:\\Plugins\\SmbDll.xex" } I am not sure if this is reason why game broke but when i see error i usually think that is something i should attend to. If anyone has a solution or advice, please share. All best and keep up the good work
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    After the announcement of the Special Edition for new consoles, I had hope that Bethesda dont forget PS3 and XBOX360 but... Therefore, it was decided to remedy this situation and to made SE myself. This supplement includes a number of fixes and improvements, both visually and gameplay. Basically it is the work of talented guys from nexusmods and me, for what they are sincere thanks and bow, I optimized all stuff to work on XBOX360, in accordance with the specifications of the console versions of Skyrim. In addition do not use third-party resources or model, without the addition of scripts "scriptfree" All screenshots are made on the XBOX360. List of changes: - Change lighting model to a more believable in the exterior and interior (night is now similar to the night, dim and dark rooms, caves completely dark, without torches have nothing to do there) - Changed weather conditions and weather behavior in general (intense rain and loud thunder, dense fog, and now in all regions and cities will be rain and fog and snow, according to their geographical location) - A new sun - The new normal maps (normalmaps) for the landscape better and more optimized with mipmap technology - Optimized lighting in the interiors with the help of Occlusion Culling technology - Improved the effect of depth of field interior and exterior - Changed the radius of the torch lighting and combustion duration (you'll need it in the caves) - Fixed almost all of the seams of the landscape, the textures in place of joints (which is incredibly annoying in the original) - Improved model of behavior of enemies in battle, the AI has become smarter and more dangerous - Added items exterior in five major cities - IMAGINATOR added for color correction and contrast of the image (in spells appear) The first call IMAGINATOR - NPC can disappear, you must save the game after the first call and download this save, after this it will never happens again. Dialogue with NPC will be in English. IMAGINATOR settings in accordance with screenshots: CONTRASTOR: Contrast (-12) Saturation (+13) TINTOR: Blue (+1) Orange (+1) CINEMAGIC: Sky (-1) All stuff was tested and work perfectly. You must have all DLC and the latests patch, the pack works as DLC, it appear in DLC list after install. Big thanks and love to: The Realistic Lighting Team, CrushBoss, raulfin, GhostAgent, Nazenn, JK, fadingsignal, MannyGT, JmV, Encryption, rgabriel15, MGE, Gopher and nexusmods. Sorry for my bad english. Enjoy.) Skyrim SE Tribute.zip
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    DESCARGA /DOWNLOAD New revision 0.2 GREEN COLOR r2.xzp GREEN COLOR v01.rar
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    This thread is for changes done to the czech translation for czech Speakers/ Translators, I will post changes here. ----------------------- ----- English ----- Here you have czech lang for the Aurora Download only cs-CZ.xzp file ! ----- Czech ----- Zde mate cesky preklad Aurory ! Stahujte jen cs-CZ.xzp soubor ! ------------------------ Czech language for Aurora 0.6b: 12.1.2017 (final version) - repaired any bugs in the words cs-CZ.xzp cs-CZ.xml ---------------------- old files ---------------------------------------- 30.11.2016 (final version) - small update word order cs-CZ.xzp cs-CZ.xml (28.11.2016 final version) Czech language for Aurora 0.5b Bug fixed 20.1.2016 - final version
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    Hello people, I am searching for sourcecode or parts of sourcecode for the original xbox. Mainly made by Microsoft themselves. I have already found some on the forums of XBMC and ofcourse I checked all available XDK/SDK ms made. And yes, I already got the 4400 Kernel source (Barnabas?) So if you have some or know people who love to share it with me, reply or pm me I wont share if you dont want me to share your dificult to get code, but if you want me, im more than happy to compile, share and make videos on retail xboxes or devkit. I ask because im searching for particular code, but it never hurts to get other code aswell. if you have the full sourcecode for the xbox kernel and dashboard, PM me. (I have parts of some versions, but it also doesnt hurt to check and compare) As a gift, this has been given to me and I compiled it for you. there is more and "we" have more. but I think there are special forums for these kind of things so I wont be overloading this forum with older xbox classic stuff. the next 2 samples are for the Xbox classic, are not signed so you gonna need a modded xbox, not sure if it will run on a 360 (I have lots of classic xboxes and we have Xqemu ) Donuts3D XBE_CodeAsm.zip Donuts3D (a 3d heli shooter ... its a sample ) Video: BRDF XBE_CodeAsm.zip some lighting testing program Watch the video above, but wind back to the beginning for a example view of BRDF. Youve reached the end of my post. Did you know that parts of the kernel(xbox classic) is publicy available... for years already? Modchip makers dint do hexediting, they got the kernel. its based on windows2000. No I dont have the 360 code (yet)... also intresting. You deserve a virtual cookie, just because.
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    If they cant buy games why buy the console in the first place? Console is also expensive..
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    I do not know why Aurora still continues to store TU in the Aurora/Data/Title Update folder, it should read as the DLC in usb:/content /0000000000000000 So it did not have to be backing up all the TUs into the aurora folder and thus end up taking up more storage on the HD
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    xbmc4xbox forum had what you were looking for. the guy who makes the hexen disc, also on emuxtras.com there are people who have all you need.. Yes, and they still create custom bioses. For example forced 480p bios. i'm still waiting for a bios that will autopatch xbe's for a 1400mhz trusty so games will not go warpspeed. I won't be holding my breath for that one tho..... Will PM you what i have.
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    WOW! This update looks very good! Some of the new functions are: Passcode Security You can now set a profile specific passcode and special permissions for different types of actions in Aurora. Cover Downloader A new menu entry in the Game Details allows you to select a specific Cover from XboxUnity. Game Wallpapers Many of you probably know that while you are in the game details for a specific game, you can press the 'BACK' button to view the background with no UI blocking your view; however, we have now added the ability to set that artwork as your dash background. Asset Importer Assets (Covers, Backgrounds, Descriptions, etc) can now be imported from the import folder on the Xbox360 harddriveWe have added a method to import assets from an import folder on your Xbox360 harddrive, allowing you to update, replace or add images and text to your games library and fill out your game details without relying on an internet connection. Screen Captures Another menu entry in the Game Details allows you to view your Freestyle Plugin screen captures from within Aurora. From this menu you can even set your screen capture as your default Aurora background. Plugin Settings Plugin settings are now in one menu entry in the Settings Menu. The settings are also rearranged to make it more user friendly. Utility Scripts The biggest feature added to 0.6b is the possibility to create "Utility Scripts". Utility scripts are self-contained LUA applications that can be launched from within Aurora. A repo browser is included that lets you download some scripts from GitHub, including a Disc to GOD script and a Weather script.
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    Dark-Blue Skin Version 2 has been added to first post: 1. Custom Background Animation has been disabled, you can now put your own wallpapers. (requested by @bogdanval) 2. Menu Buttons has been fix for other languages (thanks to @Swizzy for his advice).
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