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    Since im back from vacation it seems aurora has no connection to unity anymore. The test fails at unity authentication, cover and assets cant be downloaded anymore. The xbox does have live or network connection. Ftp is also working fine. Anyone facing the same problems?
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    You want help with non working game start your own thread as it will be considered hijacking.Also you can help yourself by following numerous tuts on how to get b3 working,as i seem to recall there was content required to get it running from the 2nd disc
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    Try restarting your router. I know it most likely won't be the problem, but it's worth a shot.
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    Hi guys, Booted Aurora for the first time and it's gone into a perpetual scan for new title updates - I've had a look in the hdd1\cache but I have no TU's in the folder unless it's trying to check for new TU's online, but that doesn't sound possible as I've not added my unity settings to Aurora. Any ideas?
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    Hi guys . I'm new to this jtag and am wanting a decent skin for FSD . Prefer superman . Anyone know how to setup from scratch . ? Thanks guys
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    Game: Child of Light TitleID: 5841140D MediaID: 27A6BF29 BaseVersion: ? Version: ? Found on the net somewhere & noticed it was missing... Child of Light.7z
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    i know. there are some problems on hosting provider's side, can't do anything. hope they'll fix it soon
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    I recently upgraded from a 1tb to a 2tb internal hard drive and i had exactly the same problem. All i did to fix it was delete all my scan paths and re add them and did a full scan on number 9 all catagories. I never touched my db to make changes and everything is now as it should be. Hope this helps. PS. I did install a fresh copy of aurora and i also had to reinstall the xbox compatibility files after the transfer so make sure that works for you because i also cloned my hard drive and then found certain things not working.
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    Hi, I just recently got "finished" writing a DashLaunch plugin that requires sockets. This wasn't a big deal until I tried running the plugin in a game. It failed the "patch" as shown here, but it only fails in games. It works fine on FreestyleDash & the dashboard. setsockopt(m_socket, SOL_SOCKET, 0x5801, (PCSTR)&bBroadcast, sizeof(BOOL) This of course means I cannot connect using the PC client. Is there a way around this? I would really appreciate some input here. I've been working on this tool for days, and would hate for it to die like this.
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