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    Modern Warfare trilogy is coming to Xbox360
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    Hello, many of us have several Xbox Devices and maybe you linked your Xboxunity account on these with Aurora. It would be nice to see a named Device List in our Profile Settings, so we can retrieve information from these devices. Possible Information - Available Xbox Profiles - Action 1: we can push and pull profiles/gamesaves from one Xbox to another, a basic Cloud) - Action 2: Transfering Assets or Aurora Skins - List of Installed Content like Games and their DLCs/TUs - Location - System Information (Aurora, Dashlaunch, Firmware, etc.) - ... This is an extension to my older Thread: Xbox Unity - The Cloud
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    Lol Ideal target tempratures would depend on many things.. Your room temprature/weather in your country..here its like 45c sooo it depends.. How long you use it also how often you use it and the time intervals between two time booting your console.. And definitely your fan speed must NOT be on 100%.. Set it on auto as swizzy said..
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    While Xell can read the HDD, you will need to format it with linux(ext2/3/4, swap), or fat32 partition, and then put the kernel elf at the root of the drive, if I remember correctly. this will make the hdd null and void for regular xbox 360 use, as that uses fatx partitions. I dont know why Xell, and LibXenon dont read fatx partitions, as I know there is native linux support for this, or at least for the original xbox.
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    I would think you would need to install it as you would Mupen. Either put it on USB, DVD, or a secondary hard disc so that booting to it is optional, otherwise XeLL boots to primary hard drive almost always even without pressing eject on boot.
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