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    working: -TUs check and download -covers donwload not working -push from unity to xbox my little improvement: -you can see all avaliable TUs for the game(it means, you can update games like GTA V). but, if TU`s mediaid differs from mediaid of installed game, TU`s displayed name would be something like "MID:0C48794E GTA V Title Update 26", where "MID:0C48794E" - TU`s mediaid. how to install: 1. download my default.xex 2. replace the original default.xex in fsd folder with mine 3. restart fsd *UPDATE 17.10.2016* thanks to dizazter, everything is up and running again on the new hosting. you need to download updated version of default.xex there are two versions now: default.rar - shows TU for all MediaIDs default_filter.rar - shows TU only for your MediaID *UPDATE 3.11.2016* uploaded scripts and tool to create patched xex on github. you can create your own cover libraries(with a little bit of php scripting and database) or just use your own server for faster response. anyway, use your imagination. there is a q.php for "push to xbox" functionality, but there is glitch in fsd which can`t be fixed without sources readme and howto: https://github.com/Gualdimar/fsd4ever/blob/master/README.md compiled tool: https://github.com/Gualdimar/fsd4ever/releases source: https://github.com/Gualdimar/fsd4ever donwload: default.rar default_filter.rar somescreenshots:
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    Has a simplistic look that I use for my Xbox 360. Two flavours so far. The original is plain black, but there is a second version that uses the green colour that Xbox One advertisements use. Feedback is appreciated! (If anybody's wondering, the sound effect used is the Playstation 2's disc launch animation, pitched down with reverb added. I will make a second version with a custom sound in the future.) xbox.wmv xboxgreen.wmv
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