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    skin based on star wars with a compilation of images of the saga skin.xzp place the file in the following path: / HDD1 / Aurora / Skins Layouts includes a custom file so that the covers look smaller and you can enjoy the best aspects of skin that you can see on the image 3DA post . path: / HDD1 / Aurora / Media / Layouts StarWArSkin.rar I apologize for my bad English and my domain if I made any error in the publication of this work
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    Aqui les dejo un skin para aurora 5b de GEARS OF WAR el skin tiene Audio pero youtube la borro por copyright Imagenes : DESCARGA SKIN GEARS OF WAR AURORA.rar Para una mejor vista del background o fondo utilicen cualquiera de estos tres estilos (layout) solo descargan y lo pegan en : Aurora/Media/layouts luego reinician oprimen B va a estilo y fondo/ estilo de listado y selecionan el layout que mas les guste For a better view of the background or background using any of these three styles (layout) just download and stick it on: Aurora / Media / layouts then B will reset oppress style and background / style selecionan list and the layout that you like layout Flock samall : descarga layout small : descarga : layot one : descarga:
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    American Public Schools at it's finest ppl:
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    Hey JPIZZLE is there any way to open a thread dedicated to the fakeanims themselves(Links) and also I tut on how to properly make one. I have so many ideas but haven't used CS6 before. Any input is much appreciated.I looked on youtube and got a couple but most of the good ones didn't have dl links. Huge respect to the team for everything they do and a big thanks!!
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