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    This is my new skin "Crysis" for Aurora! Have fun ***NEWS*** -Fixs bugs "more"(altro) in details; -New setting's icons and buttons; -New select path in settings; -New hexagon fond when open menu and add an animation:hexagon come to life (thanks to Max7o); -Add mask to background so you can change background without loosing crysis atmosphere and you can apply animation with a great effect(look at image below:view's menu). -Fix path menu when select new\modify path. ***NEW DOWNLOAD - Crysis (Aurora 0.4b)*** Crysis_MatteIta_Aurora0.4b_Fix.rar SCREENSHOTS Crysis3_MatteIta.rar Crysis_MatteIta_Aurora_0.4b.rar
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    Just reflashed my Xbox with No HDMI wait option and it's working like a charm, it even boots without the need to turn on the TV Thanks again
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    Hi, I'm using the Paradise Skin with little modifications like swapped A and Y button and same boot Background as Menu background. I love it. Thank you much for sharing your work with us.
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    depends if its a good heasdset or not ie..Turtle Beach... not a cheapy..
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    Very personal thank you for the compliments regarding skin ... I'm starting work on a new skin look out for. Thank you.
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    Hi. I'm updating FSD covers without using the console at all, just using xbox 360 slim hdd drive connected to pc and GaDaBaMa software, it works great. But there is one problem with this, new games are added to FSD database only after i connect the hdd back to xbox and run it once to scan and add new games, only then i will see the new games in GaDaBaMa. But the thing is, i quite often have only the hdd and no xbox at place. I wanted to eliminate this, so i decided i will add the new games to FSD content.db myself, manually editing table data using a sql lite manager, then use GaDaBaMa which will now see the new games. And it would all work, but there is one column in FSD ContentItems table (where the found games are placed) which i don't know how to calculate and fill, it is the ContentItemHash value. I don't want brick something, so can someone tell mi what this value is and how to calculate it? Maybe it can be empty? I only noticed that every content has it, be it a game, some xex tool, god container, so i assumed it is some file hash, for example xex tools don't need title id, but this hash is there even for them, but don't know how to calculate it. Any help appreciated.
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    so if i host a game my other xbox (in my home) cannot join? and if we use a ether cable not using link?
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    I wanted to post it the days before. But I did not know, whether It is a job of the board admins.
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    Mith here, reporting back: I'm happy to say that clearing the cache folder worked! The duration of the splash screen is now reduced to 7 seconds! I'm really grateful for all your support MaesterRowen, JPizzle and Swizzy. And I'm also thankful for this new release of Aurora. If there is anything I can help you guys with in the future, let me know!
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    Download xell reloaded, download the latest dashlaunch (inside you'll find the latest xelllaunch) extract etheir xell-1f.bin or xell-2f.bin and put it next to the default.xex file in the xelllaunch folder... start it up and xell should start just fine If you need me to i can prepare a package for you... Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
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