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    Overall I have "FakeLive" activated to play with my friends, when I installed "Naruto Revolution" in "Aurora" this turn off my console. Do not throw errors or anything, just turned it off. I decided to update the "Dash" from my console to 16747, I thought that was the problem, but NO ... the problem continued. Then I decided to install a clean version of "FSD" and "Naruto Revolution" worked perfectly (I was when I made this topic). I gave up and kept using "FSD", I activated "FakeLive" to play "COD BO2" with my friends for a few hours. I tried playing "Naruto Revolution" and the same problem now with "FSD" .- (I went to sleep, I gave up again xD!) .- This morning I woke up with the solution in my mind, FakeLive xD! I tried the game with Aurora (disabled FakeLive) and it worked perfectly. (Now with Aurora) Atte. MegaBlitoX
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    I am sorry, i test in Aurora and the game efectly works... The problem is with FakeLive activated, one time I disabled the FakeLive the game works perfectly in both systems (Aurora & FSD). The problem is with FakeLive enable. Atte. MegaBlitoX
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    can someone help me with watch dogs? i dont know how to download that to xbox how to do after the 2 dicks
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    First of all, it's Disks, not dicks... second: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/3386-tutorial-watch-dogs-installation/
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    You need to save your setting once you've set it in dashlaunch, to do that press RB until you see a list of devices to save to, then simply save using the X button (if my memory serves me right that's the button you press)
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    well,guys,I think you really need to stop asking.first,he won't give us the new dashlaunch.because he thinks new games don't need the newest dashboard.or you want to go online with jtag/rgh,then you will be marked as "an idiot".anyway,he won't change his mind for 100%,no matter what you say.second,if you keep asking him,and make him annoyed,he maybe stop sharing the new dashlaunch comeletely.then you will be blamed by other people.
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    no problem at all i was having problems playing movies and so on from windows media center and was hard to find the info and files i actually needed so i thought i would make it a little easier for other people with the same problems
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