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    1. Open Dashlaunch 2. In Dashlaunch find the "System Info" tab by pressing LB or RB3. In the System info tab You'll see the CPU, GPU and EDRAM Target Temperatures. They indicate on which temperature the fan will kick in. So let's say you set all your temps at 60, if the GPU, CPU or EDRAM go beyond 60°c the fan will start spinning faster and thus lowering the temperature to its desired point that you have selected.4. Check the small box beside the "CPU Fan Speed Override". This will make your fan spin at an auto speed.5. On the bottom of the screen select "Save Config" and by pressing B you'll exit Dashlaunch.And that's it!By the way, I usually keep my fan overriden. It is spinning at a constant speed of 45% and my temperatures never go beyond 60°c! You can do that by not checking the box that stands beside the "CPU fan override" and by setting your desired fan speed in that very same tab
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