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    The Dream Theme v2.4 for F3 Rev775 (Released August 19th, 2013)[/b] Just a small update to make my skin compatible with the newest F3 Rev775! What's in this Skin? - 150 beautiful backgrounds - 100 different stages - 15 different content tabs - 15 different icon sets - 26 Coverflow layouts Changes since v2.3: - Made it compatible with the newest F3 Rev775 Dash - changed the Splash screen How to use: 1- Go with a ftp program to your Freestyle 3 folder 2- Place "The Dream Theme v2.4.xzp" file in your "Skins" folder. 3- Go with Freestyle 3 to the Skin menu and choose "The Dream Theme v2.4" skin. 4- Restart your Xbox360 5- Go to settings menu and select "reset skin settings" That's all Don't forget to reset your skin settings before using this new version otherwise things will not work properly! If you renamed my skin too Default.xzp then make sure you delete the Default skin from your F3 Cache (that's not MS Cache) Below are a few screenshots. The Dream Theme v2.4.rar
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    Here's a collection of all my boot animation work, will continue to do more as long as there's an interest!To use these animations you'll need Fakeanim and Dashlaunch 3.03+ installed. Transformer Boot - Video - TransformerBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download Link Xbox Disk Boot - Video - XboxDiskBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXbox Disk Boot without the SubText - XboxDiskBoot-WST.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkFire Boot Anim - Video - FireBootAnim.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXbox Stone Boot - Video - XboxStoneBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXbox Gears Boot - Video - XboxGearsBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXbox Sand Boot V3.01 - Video - XboxSandBootV3.01.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXbox Storm Boot - Video - XboxStormBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXbox Icy Boot - Video - XboxIcyBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXbox Sand Boot V2 - Video - XboxSandBootV2.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkF&WBoot - Video - F&WBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkShockwaveWormBoot - Video - ShockwaveWormBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkSillyRobotsBoot1 - Video - SillyRobotsBoot1.wmv or Mediafire Download Link SillyRobotsBoot2 - Video - SillyRobotsBoot2.wmv or Mediafire Download Link TreasureBoot - Video - TreasureBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download Link SillyRobotsBoot3 - Video - SillyRobotsBoot3.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxLoading - Video - XboxLoading.wmv or Mediafire Download Link SillyRobotsBoot4 - Video - SillyRobotsBoot4.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxCrysisLogoBlue - Video - XboxCrysisLogoBlue.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXboxCrysisLogoRed - Video - XboxCrysisLogoRed.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxTechBoot - Video - XboxTechBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxSandBootV1 - Video - XboxSandBootV1.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxVacuum - Video - XboxVacuum.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxBoom - Video - XboxBoom.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxOneSphere - Video - XboxOneSphere.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxOneMagic - VIdeo - XboxOneMagic.wmv or Mediafire Download Link CinematicXboxOne - Video - CinematicXboxOne.wmv or Mediafire Download Link Also! Don't forget to check out the new FSD Skin i've made called PlayBox One Hope you guys enjoy my work!
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    ---------------------------------------------------| FakeAnim v0.60b |--------------------------------------------------- Overview: This release will allow for fake animations in the form of WMV 9 encoded videos to be played on the console prior to showing the dashboard. Since this file is only loaded after the console is ready there will be a minor increase in boot times. This has no impact on glitch times since the glitch occurs prior to this file ever being loaded. The Delay and Calibration settings are designed to allow the user to tweak the video to their specific system and display. This tweaking makes it so that the video does not get cut off. Please read below for a full set of instructions: Intallation & Configuration: Important: Do NOT attempt to delete bootanim.xex if you are unable to restore to a previous NAND dump via hardware. Requirements: DashLaunch v3.03 is required for this to work. Installation: Copy over all files in the archive to the HDD or USB of the 360. Edit your launch.ini to have fakeanim = point to the fakeanim.xex Reboot the console and make sure the application runs. Ignore the Red Screen being present for a while. Once you have verified the application is launched remove bootanim.xex** from the consoles Flash. (Use FS3 or FTP). Reboot the console and pay attention to how long the red screen is displayed. Calibration takes place in the fakeanim.ini file and should be checked with a cold boot in order to force the GPU to initialize. Once calibration is complete edit the fakeanim.ini and set calibration to 0 Calibration Notes: To adjust the length the red screen is shown. Add to the number to increase the time take delay. Take away to decrease it. The delay function is used to ensure the video does not get cut off during the monitor and GPU starting each "delay" is 250ms. Valid entries are between 0 and 100. For slims start around 5. For Phats start around 13. The goal is to get the red screen to show for the least amount of time possible on the Evil Laugh wmv when performing a cold boot. NFO: FakeAnim_v0.60b.rar
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    There's an updated version already. Here's the link: * http://www23.zippyshare.com/v/90987583/file.html Changelog: - Analog support. - Some games that didn't start after Sony logo now are playable and start. - Removed Sony logo so some games can be playable... - Tried resident evil 1.5 which didn't start at the beginning and now works awesome but no more sony logo at the start of everygame. ----- Another interesting thing: *All credits goes to thomasmaruzs, from ced2911 site. He is the one who compiled the application and uploaded it.
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    Now £165.00 Inc Shipping to the UK.
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