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    First of all, thanks everyone for your kind words Makes it fun to create new stuff and share! And sorry for posting updates so close to each other, but i've been in a creative mood lately so could not resist working on the skin! think you guys will like this update. Redone alot of things, added new buttons, sound, remade some stuff to make it more clear and also added a quick launch button at the start menu! Oh and bugg fixes ofc. Enjoy!
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    It is closing to good, but You know all: this is not enough! You have a really good knowledge and you are walking ahead with miles other developer teams. So I am convinced You can make it much better, and this is just the top of the berg! I know about the possibilities what it is hidden, or not developed yet, example similar or near as the MS Live services... I'd like to expecting in short: You should send offline G points, the favorite in game stats, gamercards... What You use a good -unfortunatelly not an open source- "plugin" with internet connection, with a lot of possibilities... Respect for this hard job but If you help other developers or teams, you will get a lot of new codes, and you could just integrate into it, We are waiting for the next edition! Thank You!
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    Hey there Keyser. Thanks for the headsup... I did the migration based only on your youtube vid. So it migrated everything from FSD2, but it obviously didn't downloaded the full covers (the 3D ones, which you can flip and see the back). Is there any way that I can get them without messing up everything else (banners, backgrounds, normal covers)? Do I need GaDaBaMa 3.1.2 for doing it, or will 2.2.1 will suffice?Thanks again mate!!
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