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    Found a solution and it work props to chris179 I found that LiNK somehow and in some circumstances DOES NOT change ports correctly. I had an xbox with a friend that WOULD NOT play more then once after a port change. So what i did.. Disable UPNP on the router. And change the ports on LiNK to 3072 and 3073. Add static port forwards on the router for port 3071-3074 And Voille it worked.. Yes, without those 2 extra ports it will NOT work. Period... So internally LiNK Somehow Sometimes does not change the ports. That means they will stay 3071, 3074 whatever no matter what ports you choose... THIS INFO NEEDED TO BE STICKED
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    My official dashboard is 2.0.14719.0. How easy would that be to update and sort my avatars outs Jpizzle?
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