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    http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RvcyLP5qps Subtitles MIGRATION_EN.zip Actually it’s pretty simple and safe as long as you follow this brief instruction: [*]Install F3 in a new folder [*]Execute F3. This will create the databases (content & settings) but do not configure anything [*]Copy your FSD2 and F3 folder to a fat32 formatted USB stick [*]Install GaDaBaMa 2.2.1. Access 2010 Runtime. Access 2010 SP1 Runtime. Make sure your regional settings in Windows are configured as follows: [*]Plug your USB stick and wait until it is recognized by Windows [*]Execute GaDaBaMa If you want to use fullcovers (for 3D view/coverflow): [*]Do Step1 – Select FSD Folder [*]Do Step2. [*]Click on JQE360 tab and download only Covers(!) for All Games If you don’t need fullcovers or the continuation of the above steps: [*]Tab DataBase Tools. Migrate FSD2 to F3 [*]If you’ve downloaded all covers select the option convert jpg to dds. [*]Enable all other features [*]Select the paths of your FSD2 and F3 folders (root folders!) [*]Press Start Once finished plug your USB stick back to your Xbox. Start F3. You’ll have all artwork, all scanpaths and content as with your FSD2 install. On USB it’ll take just a few minutes (may take longer if you opt for the fullcovers route). Copy your F3 folder to your Xbox HDD. Configure Dashlaunch. That’s it.
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    Pessoal, obrigado pela atenção. Criei uma página para combinar os jogos. Pois como ainda não tem como comunicar pelo xbox, e saber qual Tu e jogos estão jogando, fiz isso para reunir os brasileiros na mesma sala. acessem http://xbox-link.blogspot.com.br/ Lá estamos todos os dias, jogando Black ops 2, Ghost Recon, Gears Of war 3, Formula 1 2012 e muitos outros jogos. Agradeço a Equipe Realmodscene - TeamFSD - JQE360 por este maravilhoso trabalho.
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    so i want to play COD Black OPS 2 and the LINK says that the TU4 is avaible, but it dont download, i tried deleting all and downloading again and nothing... well maybe that's a bug? or the site is offline or the "avaible" TU is not really avaible lol And, what is devlink? Ah, and i sure loved the temperature in the xbox HUD , Bravo! Thx for that all bros!
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    Ótima iniciativa! Gostei bastante do site excelente idéia. Very good move! Excellent idea with this site, thumps up! Obrigado Thanks
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