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    NAT is Network Address Translation. Basically it is what makes your port forward work. They call it translation because you can translate the incoming port to the port it contacts your computer on as it passes though your router. You turn off NAT, you turn off all your port forwards, so that isn't a good idea If you read this: http://www.cainetwor...trict-open.html They say NAT status comes from the system doing a UDP check against three ports (5060, 5061 & 3074) . So theoretically you should be able to open those ports and everything work like magic. Well I did that and I still get the usual only seeing one or two rooms, if that. I do wonder if the DashLaunch Live block causes the NAT to show as Strict. But I am not going to risk testing that. My KV is still good and I may want to sell it some day to a lobby loser.
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    hello iv registered with gmail account, and didnt had any problems, even after forgeting password i was able to recover with same email in gmail. i get email pretty fast.
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    Router prefered, but sure you could connect your x-box directly to your ISP with all open ports. I'd say:Wan port: 3071~3071 LAN port: 3071 And i asume *.*.*.65 is your xbox ip. This setup will be for data port configurations, so u need another just like this for brodcast port, just change ports to 3072. LINK supports system link enabled games, here is great resource of which game supports SL
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