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  2. I have just realised what the problem is the kernel on my jtag is14699 i misread your post i thought it would upgrade the kernel
  3. Yesterday
  4. there is no boxart for fsd/aurora/dashlaunch
  5. Hi, i hope this solves my problem been trying aurora for months never found a simple solution
  6. So when i filter for homebrew all of my homebrew is only able to apply XeXMenu box art this is happening for Dashlaunch/Aurora and FreestyleDash 3, which are my only homebrew apps and i cant figure it out appreciate any help. Edit: never mind i had all my homebrew in XEXMENUS content folder smh
  7. Last week
  8. Yeah since then I have flashed back my original nand back to my falcon v2 rgh2 & left it still on 17489 My Corona v2 or v3 rgh2. is still on 17489. But I left the 17489dev nand & 17489 stock rgh nand still on hdd1/Applications/Simple 360 Nand Flasher = so I can flash the Stock or Dev nands to it at any given time. For shits in giggles. As I have a few more jtags/rgh systems I actually use.
  9. you didnt set the scan depth far enough then
  10. Installed Aurora 0.7b.1 and set scan paths but it did not find all the games , I set the scan paths to the paths I have in my Freestyle dash 3 Rev783 ... Aurora 0.7b.1 may be more stable etc but I think I will stick to Freestyle dash 3 Rev783 as I can still download covers and title updates.Each to their own I suppose.
  11. felida

    Rgloader 17489

    its the patches.. and for the "floating" versions, they are just hex-edited to spoof 17526, when they are really 17489.. hence the freezing issue you can "gh" in kdnet.. to get past those.. but yeah.. lol.. took me some time tinkering to figure out the problem and posted it here for everyone else.. would be nice to have xell in this.. but yeah
  12. Cheers. I can confirm RGL.17489 works on my Corona GLITCH2 v2 or v3 I think it is 100% just dont add the rgloader 17526 that's floating around as the screen will freeze on power up on Coronas unsure on versions as I dont have all Coronas to test. I decided for shits & giggles to flash rgloader 17489 to my fat falcon v2. Dev operates fine. Booting stock dash it just freezes. Xexmenu boots up fine with Aurora then sometimes it freezes or it works perfect. But yeah RGLoader 17489 is not for Falcons.🤣.
  13. Has nothing to do with Spanish.. if you read the info about the video, you'll see the part in plain English that says download link lol..
  14. Well I have watched the video a few times and I did not see a link to download the trainer for Crimson Alliance. I have clicked on the icon with the letter "i" as in info but it redirects me to a trainer for Red Dead Redemption. The other thing that I can click on is the "Debian" logo which again redirects me to a video library. Either I am dumb or blind. 🙂 p.s. I don't understand Spanish BTW.
  15. Sounds like the skin isn't meant for the version you are using
  16. Name: Ratatouille Title ID: 0x54510109 Type: Xbox Original ................................................... Name: Volvo: Drive For Life Title ID: ?(not found)? Type: Xbox Original .................................................... i will make the covers and upload them at unity site. thank you
  17. Hi. Thanks for the information and the links. The link for release8/2018 is now dead and I cant find the file ( Mame 0.72_Release 8_2018.rar ) anywhere on the web. Any chance of someone who has the file upping it to a file-share and posting a good link please? Many thanks. Simon. [EDIT] I managed to find a working link containing the release (and source-code) so posting here in the hope it helps someone else out: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13qDk7RLhUbCIxskW4jAvunEjUrbbLMBi Not tested on my RGH yet, just opened the archive; which looks good. [END EDIT]
  18. I have a problem. I have downloaded a new skin, the aurora has restarted and since then it is not starting, not booting at all. Do you have any idea what to do?
  19. Is it only me who can not see the link to the download of the trainer?
  20. Hi, dont know if this was Requestet before. The Serious Sam Collection is already there (Xbox 360). Mine got another Media ID: 4B66744F would be nice to see it there, because i coulndt add it myself. Thanks
  21. Earlier
  22. In this small video I show some cool and custom pickup items I created for the #Multiplayer mode, in the best style of #RetroFPS and Classic #FPSGames like @Quake and @DOOM. Also you can see the finished HUD for Multiplayer. https://www.indiedb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/videos/19-multiplayer-pickups
  23. I started a skin for this awhile back, just to see how different it is from xbmc4xbox.
  24. I copied to hdd, even its not working from usb.
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