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  3. For today I want to showcase a new map I am making for #FursanAqsaGame. This will be a Mossad Office Headquarter, the Israeli Secret Service. Your mission is to infiltrate on the office, and find some important documents about a new attack Israel is planning against Palestine.
  4. Hi! How I can download some o these skins today? All links are corrupted
  5. Last week
  6. Hi. I've been trying to join a game through System LiNK on my Xbox 360 but I'm getting an error message. Example: when I try to join a game in Halo Reach, it gives me something like this: "The group you're trying to join may have an incompatible network configuration. Your NAT OPEN configuration is usually supported". When I try to do so in COD Black Ops II, I can see the groups and the games, but I can't join. I've already tried changing the ports in Nova configuration but it still doesn't work. I'm getting this issue since I called my ISP to open some ports for me, but I don't know how to fix it, I mean, I used to switch or change the ports to solve the issue but it doesn't seem to work anymore. What should I do?
  7. Hi, I purchased an RGH console which was originally a PAL console. I got it purely as I wanted to play a couple of region locked NTSC games which required it. Unfortunately I've run into a problem as the games look to be running at a low frame rate. The games are a slow choppy mess and I can only assume it's because NTSC games on this console are running at half the PAL/NTSC frame rate or something. I have a Corona4g and have used xebuild to create my own specific NTSC firmware for it but it made no difference. I have tried three different TV's and PC monitors to make sure that wasn't an issue but all are capable of 60hz. I know for certain it's an issue as I have the same game on PS3 (game in question is College Hoops 2K8) and it runs fine on my PAL PS3 even though it's an NTSC copy (PS3 region free I know) but it's a choppy mess on my Xbox 360. Any ideas on how to get these running at the correct frame rates? Thanks
  8. Buscar en Youtube: Damtig Γ‰l tiene algunos videos de ediciΓ³n de piel de Aurora.
  9. Hi buddy, Awesome Videos, I have a question for you: In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=89&v=1AXERz8sjuA&feature=emb_logo exactly in Minute 1:29 you shows us the silver cover and behind it, there are some ruber protectors, what is the name of those? can someone buy them? I has cleaning my PS4 Pro and unfortunately I lost three of them and I'm afraid it could affect something inside. Thanks.
  10. All right, this is so helpful. local function refreshFiles(path) local files = FileSystem.GetFiles(path .. '\\') for _, file in pairs(files) do print("refresh file " .. _ .. " " .. file.Name) end for _, dir in pairs(FileSystem.GetDirectories(path .. '\\')) do refreshFiles(path .. '\\' .. dir) end end function main() for _, drive in pairs(FileSystem.GetDrives()) do refreshFiles(drive.MountPoint) end end Why does this code print nothing? What are you supposed to pass to FileSystem.GetFiles and FileSystem.GetDirectories, because they always return nil. Edit: what the fuck, lol. Sorry for the mess with the code, this forum sucks
  11. I started from scratch last year, I'm learning. just for some games, especially for those that are absent online. I'm working on F1 2010 right now, as "Felida" says, they are the absolute hardest to do.
  12. Hi there, my Xbox is getting old and I'm afraid the data on its 1000 GB harddrive might detoriate. To make sure that doesn't happen, I'm planning to write a Lua script that reads every single file on the disk and writes it back under the same name. I understand this should be possible to do with Aurora's Lua scripting, right? Anyone else ever did this before? Any tips on how to write that script? I know Lua and don't need basic help with that, I'm just not sure about the Xbox filesystem architecture and if there's any pitfalls that I should be aware of. Btw, it's Lua. Not LUA. Not an acronym. Lua people are very sensitive about that, lol.
  13. Since yesterday, the developer emoose has offered a new version of its xvdTool tool, which allows you to analyze files of type XVD. πŸ€”For you who wonder what is xvdTool? Come on .... xvdTool is a command-line tool that allows you to manipulate the Xbox One console's XVD / XVC packages. Thus, it is possible to obtain detailed information about headers, hashes, signatures or the integrity of packet data, it can also convert XVD files by decrypting them and converting them to VHD or extracting them from the system. πŸ€”For you who wonder what XVD is? Come on .... The XVD package is a secure file format used by Xbox One to store data, analogous to Xbox 360 STFS packages. XVD files are usually used to store images / system data, while XVC (slightly modified XVD) is used to store game data (for a more detailed explanation of XVD files, see xvd_info.md). In addition, the tool also allows you to extract XBFS (Xbox Boot File System) files to the Xbox One NAND. Of course, no encryption key is provided with this tool, you have to find them yourself, for those who have a development kit, it's simple, just use DurangoKeyExtractor to extract these keys from the Microsoft.GamingServices framework available in Windows 10. It is a pity that the developer does not provide a suitable changelog. Download: xvdtool v0.53 https://bit.ly/32n9Xz4 πŸ‘† Post Credits: logic-sunrise
  14. Hello friends πŸ‘¦ I feel like a lot is getting lost over time I found some very interesting Skins with Freestyle support Nowadays I know that not everyone uses Freestyle on their Xbox Even so I thought it was cool to share my findings I'm not the creator of the Skins, I'm just sharing βœ… All credits directed to the creator βœ… πŸ“Œ Supports Freestyle Rev 775/780/783 [Skin] β€’ Freestyle Rev 775/780/783 β€’( Lucidity v143 ) By Aioros β€’ Xbox 360 RGH https://youtu.be/aNoU91GD9RI πŸ‘†πŸ‘† [Skin]_β€’_Freestyle_Rev_775-780-783_β€’(_Lucidity_v143_)_By_Aioros_β€’_Xbox_360_RGH_-.rar
  15. medxx

    iso2god error

    hello guys sorry if this is a repost or wrong place to ask this i am a noobie in this modding world. i was trying to extract iso to god but ran into some errors . i used iso2god 1.3.6 but it says "error: please check rouge hacking attempts and retry " didnt know what went wrong so i updated my .Net framework to 4.8. i tried a lot of other softwares as well, like - wx360, 360mp gui; xbox backup creator and image browser, xbox360 iso extract 0.6 . all of them returned some error and it was not completed. the iso file name is in XDG3 format: Just Dance Disney Party [MULTI][XBOX360][Region Free][XDG3][STRANGE][WwW.GamesTorrents.CoM] i downloaded the game from gamestorrents.dot.nu and the uploader seems to upload a lot of files (seems he is a genuine uploader) please help thanks in advance
  16. Hello friends πŸ‘¦ I feel like a lot is getting lost over time I found some very interesting Skins with Freestyle support Nowadays I know that not everyone uses Freestyle on their Xbox Even so I thought it was cool to share my findings I'm not the creator of the Skins, I'm just sharing βœ… All credits directed to the creator βœ… πŸ“Œ Supports Freestyle Rev 775/780/783 [Skin] β€’ Freestyle Rev 775/780/783 β€’( Vorpal 1.0 )β€’ Xbox 360 RGH https://youtu.be/NlYYb5Vhj9s πŸ‘†πŸ‘† [Skin] _ β€’ _Freestyle_Rev_775-780-783_ β€’ (Vorpal_1.0_) β€’ _Xbox_360_RGH.rar
  17. Earlier
  18. Hey, this looks very interested but where do i find the aurora script repo? Is that auto installed with aurora? Thanks
  19. I have a 360 RGH that is the old model with no internet but I bought a wireless adapter. Everytime I check Nova I get system link ping patch failed.
  20. Well I've spent the last two days transferring to the 2 Tb due to the 500 gb having corrupt files it was difficult. Anyway, when I plug in the new hard drive it shows blacked out games from the previous hard drives. How do I reset Aurora where I can remove these?
  21. This is just a sneak peek of the Explosive Action and Epic Bosses Battles which awaits you on Fursan al-Aqsa.
  22. Hi felida

    i did a nandflash updating with simple nand flasher but console didn't boot anymore even Xell not appears
    by searching this days about how to solve this issue i have a plane, let me know if its wrong
    still i have cpukey and original nand thats i got from simple nand flasher
    1- Unsdolder X360 ACE and connect the xbox motherboard with a male LPT socket by short wires and some resistors to pc
    2- Run J- Runner and Create Ecc with Original Nand And Write Ecc
    3- Connect X360 ACE to MB again and other parts and turn it on by eject button to reflash it with original nan
    So let me know if its work or if not tell me the right way please
    thank you

    1. dani666v



      please help

  23. the update you need from unity is 699E0227 update 3 if you cant download it still you can download it from here: https://mega.nz/file/5ZMhASiS#JJHhHY7RUKD--_WcU9YpAReku23Zb6XIVOVE4r2ugsw
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