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  2. Would also unplug everything and wait for power brick to lose the charge
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  4. 1 - Confirm that the HDMI cable is firmly seated. 2 - He only Boots with the TV on. 3 - Unlock chip may have broken cable or is burned out
  5. So I recently got this Xbox 360 S with an aurora dashboard. It was working fine last night but when I tried to turn it on this morning, it would no longer boot.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Has Support for Freestyle dash stopped as it no longer logs in to unity
  8. Try using a higher set of ports mate.. But I have a question, is your modem a router too? You could be suffering from a double nat issue.. Portforward.com has a program that can identify if you are... If you use a seperate router for Wi-Fi you definetly have the double nat issue
  9. nope I don't use Discord. I tried changing the ports from 3071-72 to 2071-72, but it fails
  10. As I said before.. There are hardcoded transitions im pretty sure.. You cant create it fully.. Would be nice if they weren't.. Would make it more customizable.. But skinners are limited in what is possible due to the hardcoded stuff
  11. Nah Unfortunately i don't think anyone is working on it.
  12. Do you have discord? if so, i can try to help you there. https://discord.gg/HKX4PdQ
  13. Ah I never tried using different ports. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. Okay fine. However if I want to host, how do I tackle this problem? Sorry for annoying you
  15. The Data & broadcast ports that failed, doesn't have anything to do with not being able to join or see rooms. They need to be open, if you're trying to host games to the link server. My data & broadcast ports fail also but i know why they fail and i don't care. I'm not trying to host games but if i wanted too, i know what i need to do. I see your router settings and they seem to be correct but it's obvious that those ports are not open or being used. You can try another set of ports to see if they work.
  16. Any update on anybody creating it?
  17. Probably because the games are full or are in progress.. Has NOTHING to do with your ports
  18. Hey! I read that somewhere else and tried that, but it doesn't work. I joined a packed room, but still no games show up. I was able to get a game every time before my ports failed, now I don't get anything
  19. You cant see games because there aren't any.. Those ports are only needed to host, not join.. Ugh
  20. Hey! I want to play Black Ops 2 with LiNK, but I fail to pass the port verification, few months ago I was able to play without any issue, but now I am having this issue for some , reason. My Xbox is connected to the router via WiFi, and I am using fiber connection, so speed isn't an issue. I can see/join system link rooms, but the servers don't show up in-game. Please check my settings down below. Thanks
  21. Last week
  22. There definitely could be another issue, such as people using subpar connections like Wi-Fi.. There is no hash checks to make sure title updates are completely downloaded.. And the download could time out.. Aurora will not download the wrong title update..
  23. Certainly MID is different, this has happened. Download manually from the xboxunity website.
  24. Hi, When i download and install title update and enable it and start the game update its not work plz help .
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