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We wanted to reach out to you in hopes you would help support us.

Blackwolf and myself are currently entered in a VRJam contest for a virtual reality theater we wrote.
I am hoping you guys could help us out by going to our jam entry and voting for us, or rating us (5 stars would be awesome).


I have a blurb on what is below and here is a video of it in action.


Here is a quick word about it :
VRTheatre is a Virtual Reality media player application powered by VLC. It allows the user to watch videos in a variety of simulated VR environments. VRT currently supports the Oculus DK2 and Leap Motion Controller as well as Gamepad or Keyboard and mouse for control. Features: -Playback engine powered by VLC. Supports most formats supported by VLC. -Direct video device display support (allows things like webcams, capture cards etc to be displayed -Multiple movie watching locations (asteroid, island, void, etc) -AR modes (Leap Motion Required) -Dynamically generatable and movable display mode (Matrix mode) -Multiple supported control types: Leap Motion (Recommended) Gamepad, Keyboard and Mouse. You will notice a large blue orb on your wrist, this is the control panel activator.​ To open the Leap Motion control panel, place your right palm on your left wrist on the activator orb and hold for 1-2 secs (as if you were placing your hand to cover an invisible watch). This will spawn the control panel tablet in your view. Press and hold the activator orb again to close the panel. You can also close the panel by pressing and holding the circular button on the bottom center of the panel. NOTE: Requires Oculus Runtime 0.8.0 or higher

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this could be aswoem i u make it on xbox360  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:

Virtual Reality on Xbox 360? not happening any time soon... probably won't ever happen...

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Would be great for maybe watching mutliple screens at once maybe security cameras and the such, or watching multiple tv stations lol.  Good stuff well done.

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