New Iso2GoD v 1.3.6 brings XGD3 ISO Support

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A new version of the app Iso2God has been released by KrK and brings with it support for the new XGD3 Iso.


~ XGD3 ISO images can now be opened.


~ The Media ID is now written to the "CON header" correctly.

~ Integrating XexTool v6.0 XEXs support for the latest.

V1.3.3~ Fixed error with the code parameters.

merged ~ Assemblies are now shipping to rather increase the compatibility with wine / linux mono.


+ Added the extraction of thumbnails (thumbnails) from the ISO images Xbox1.

+ Added option "auto-browse" to an ISO image, when adding an ISO to convert.

~ Improvements XBE code.

~ Remove debug code in v1.3.1.


- Support the conversion of the Xbox 1.

- The boot sector rebuild isos is changed to match the SDK.

- Fixed a bug with the character in the name of the securities.

- Fixed a bug when a custom thumbnail was responsible.

- Fixed a bug that caused an error when a conversion without waiting thumbnail was published.

- Many other fixes and minor bugs fixed.


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If we assume that the date when this thread was created was also the release date of iso2god's final version, then in 3 days this program will have worked for 3 years already.

If you ask me, you are doing something wrong. And if you just say "not work", nobody is gonna help you.

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Any sense in reporting bugs?  Deleting a title from this top of the list caused the graphical progress indicator to shift up to the wrong line even tho the text progress is represented on the correct line.


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