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AutoGG 0.9.1

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#1 blakcat


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Posted 03 March 2013 - 08:43 PM


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[url="[url="http://autogg.nexxzus.com/autogg/AutoGG_0.8.8.rar"]http://autogg.nexxzus.com/autogg/AutoGG_0.9.1.rar"][/url][color=rgb(255,255,0);]Download 0.9.1[/color][/url]





- Own NandXell RIP using RGH2. No more DGX Mode.
- You can now extract Corona4G Files Fcrt.bin and C-R.bin included.
0.9 rev 32 beta
- New NandXell = RIP .To Get Cpukey on any updated consoles (=>15xxx) without DGX or any other extra Hard. Using regular RGH/RGH2 glitch chips like squirt, matrix,stinger ,cr ...
- Key.bin & C-R.bin beta extractor for LTU firmware.
- Alternative mode to search console IP. Right click on button Ip-Search
- Reset parental code in Log.
- Autogg Variables Reset button. (Flasher issues)
- Improved Code
Update rev 34
- RIP Corona 4g Ecc Added
- Some extra dialogs.
 * Anonymous DGX RIP Eccs Team
 * Dark-G from consoleopen.com (Fcrt-CR)
 * Beta Testers breily, MbTecnic, Mac1512, Casca, EOL ,....
- New Dash 16203
- New Xebuild 1.07
- New DashLaunch 3.07
- Option de Erase Corona 4g Nand
- Code Improved.
- New Lan-FSD Read/Flash Nand and CpuKey retrieve Mode
- New Dash Lan AutoUpdate Function using new method.
- New Lan Avatars AutoUpdate.
- Selection alternatives Xells when build images (Xebuild & NandXell-Ecc).
  A- Reloaded
  B- blaKCat (Modded Reloaded to get Cpukey by Tv,Red,Usb,Lan,Com Monitor)
  C- Mini (Modded Reloaded by blaKcat with minimum code to get Cpukey to USB)
- Timer and Sound Alert on Com Monitor when Cpukey is detected.
- New way to create Dgx Nandxell (Ecc).
- New manual way to download Dash/Avatars
- Optimized GUI. Secondary commands on Menu.
- Code Improved.
- Dash Launch 3.06
- Option to manually Flash Ecc Dgx ( Menu > File > Flash Xell DGX)
- Freestyle v3 rev 483
- DGX Support (Thanks to TX)
- Code Improved
- Dash 16202
- Xebuild 1.06
- Dashlaunch 3.05
- Update  Xbox Apps Option
- Code Improved


- New DashLaunch 3.04 by c0z
- New Field to show Loaded Nand Type (Retail,Rgh,Jtag)
- Now you can create Xebuild Nand from FullNand with NandXell inyected in first Mega.
- You can remove bootanim fomr Flash whn installing Fakeanim (Fixed)
- 360 Simple Flasher 1.2 by Swizzy Updated
- Code improved.


AutogGG helps you to:

- Read the Nand of the Xbox. Autodetect the model.
- Generate Nand to load Xell in console to obtain Cpukey.
- Once you have CpuKey.Generate Jtag / rgh (Glitch) / Retail, images
- Flash generated Nand through Flasher (LPT/USB) or software (Xell or Dash)

But AutoGG also allows many more options (Addons)

- Change temperature sensors on the console.
- Change data in the console: Serial, Reader Type (Osig), Region and dvdkey.
- Map / unmap Bad Blocks.
- Inject / Extract specific data from the console. to repair corrupt nands
- Create NandXell and Xebuild Images without Dump.
- Decrypt X-Val to check marks on console by Microsoft.
- UnCripple to try to clear the console marks,
- Make only a partial reading of only 1Mb of Nand then read the rest through Xell and finally merge to get the full Nand much faster (Recommended for slow nands readers LPT)
- Nand File Explorer
- Console Nand Marks (Secdata)
- AutoUpdate Function
- DashFiles Auto Download
- Avatars Update Files Download
- Flash Glitch Chip (CPLD) USB&LPT
- Nandpro Manual Commands window.
- Nands Compare.
- USB&FTP Xbox-Apps transfer (Freestyle, Homebrew, Emulators)
- Launch main Pc-Apps
- Available Online Data Server to store/retrieve your Cpukeys. Usefull to repair consoles with any valid Data.
- Images Viewer with many manufacturers chips , flasher ...
- And more ...


GLIGLI (Glitch)
Tiros (NandPro)
Xebuild team: Xebuild
Xell Reloaded Team
Squirt Team
Dennn : Idioma Ruso
Federause (Team O.N. 3.0), Marco(ConsoleOpen): Idioma Italiano
wiiallgarant&Artik: Idioma Frances
Kalel(darth Vader, cursos games):Português brasileiro
Xbox Apps devs
Spanish Skins by bocasecaman
Fsd Team

Everyone involved..

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#2 JtagPabb1e


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Posted 03 March 2013 - 11:23 PM

great program, thanks for the update :)

:thumbup: Xbox 360 Jasper Jtag - Aurora 0.5b - Lite-On 74850C LT 3.0 - Lite-On 74850C 0800 Drive - Samsung 2TB Internal HD
X360USB Pro V2 - 2 x Tx Probe III - CK3 Mini - Nand-X RGH Edition  :thumbup: 

#3 Mysteryo


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Posted 04 March 2013 - 11:11 AM

[font="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;background-color:rgb(30,30,30);"]Thanks for the update![/font]

#4 cannellizer


    RMS Sophmore

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Posted 08 March 2013 - 06:44 PM

Thanks a ton BlakCat. I used this version of AutoGG to update my box last night. Very smooth, very simple! I would consider myself to be very "energy efficient" so you know Iliked using this program. Thanks again!

#5 Alexandr Demencov

Alexandr Demencov

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Posted 21 April 2013 - 01:16 AM

guys why after update to 9.2  autogg dont see my xbox in lan =( ?

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