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  1. I don't know if this is the right spot and it may be a noob question, but I transferred all of the skins ftp AND through xex menu to my "skins" folder, but none of the skins show up. The cover flow is working great but I cannot see any of these skins in Aurora. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! btw, I am running Aurora .6 (not sure if that affects these or not) and I have other custom skins working that I had downloaded through the "skin downloader" script.
  2. I agree. Aurora seems to flow seamlessly. Its nice to have the old 360 dash flow from time to time. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for the reply. So maybe it is the template I'm using. This is what I followed and used the template and xzp tool. I even tried just creating a blank theme and transferring it just now and same thing. In the skin folder, the name shows up as "f3 theme template compressed" instead of just the name. I started it up and again a black screen. What template have others used to create their own skin? Also, you said you can leave it uncompressed and add it to a folder. How would you load a skin that is not in .xzp format? Edit*** I got it loaded, by just adding the folder to skins. Thank you for the suggestion
  4. Good morning guys, I'm relatively new to the xbox scene and have to say I prefer the FSD to Aurora for dash needs (like the layout). Regardless I have watched a few videos on creating my own skin/theme and have followed tutorials exactly, but when I use XZP Tool (v1.0 or 2.0) and compress my skin, then transfer it to the main menu via FTP and USB, it shows up as "name" Compressed. When I select the skin, it black screens and I have to delete the whole skin to revert back to original. I have tried many different things (making version 1 and not 3) and even uncompressed a working theme and tried to create a .xzp file of it and when transferred, it still shows compressed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!