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  1. Everyone can forget (at least - for now) about Weather in FSD. Yes, there is an updated unofficial rev.783 that supports APIv2, but WorldWeatherOnline stopped providing free keys and starts providing 2-months trial premium keys. The algorithm is different and premium does not work as free ones. So if you have old free key - you can use it at least till they will be obsolete at all. If you haven't - forget about the weather.
  2. As for new APIv2 key support. Actually it works - but it doesn't. Possibly WorldWeatherOnline changed something - because I can see requests with my api key on their website - but I cannot find any city in FSD settings. Yeah, I could revert to 775 and use famous APIv1 keys, but actually TU improvement are better than weather So finally it should be said weather is not working in 783.
  3. What is the second "default.rar" file with default.xex dated Nov 11, 2015 in the first post?
  4. gavin_darkglider, Not exactly. Actually at dualnand it is not necessary (as I found during my own update) to update avatars at freeboot mode as they updates during retail mode update
  5. felida, the reason was I didn't find a tutorial here exactly for dualnand. Swizzy, thanks, everything is OK, case's closed.
  6. Dear guys, I am a user of dualnand Trinity. Now I would like to update the dash. I am using the tutorial that is here: http://www.xpgamesaves.com/threads/how-to-support-dual-nand-users-dashboard-17150-and-future-updates.119840/ So I have dumped the nand in freeboot mode using Simple 360 NAND Flasher by Swizzy v1.3 (please see the logs attached) and then transfer it on PC into xeBuild_GUI_2.098. All constants was loaded via Ethernet (Xbox was in Xell mode). Please see the screen attached. After that I have converted the dump into the new one using new 17511 kernel (please see logs attached). Are the following steps correct and will not lead to some troubles (banning in Live, breaking freeboot and/or retail mode, losing some features, problems with DVD etc): 1. Place the new udpflash.bin file at FAT32 formated empty USN stick. 2. Insert it into Xbox and boot it into Xell mode (the dualnand should be set in freeboot mode). Wait until reboot. 3. Power off the Xbox, then switch dualnand into retail mode, then power on. 4. Update the dash via Internet. Actually this is what was placed at initial tutorial, but I am afraid a little bit with numerous complains in Internet after updating dualnand. Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.3b.log.zip xeBuild_GUI.zip