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  1. no its not original xbox live server , its a stealth server called xbonline , i have rgh xbox and i use this server to get my console online , but now i cant , so i wondering if the server is down or i have a problem with my console
  2. hi guys i just want to ask about the xbonline server , its work fine with me couple of days ago , but now i cant to get my xbox online with xbonline server , is this server is down or something ??? or i hev problem with my xbox , ? thanks you
  3. hi guys any one want to play cod mw 1 tu4 now am hosting right now
  4. same her
  5. hi guys any one want to play cod mw now i am in the public room now
  6. thanks you ,
  7. hi guys , i install the wolfenstein the new order all the parts , and the game start and i play it for 1 hour maybe then the game crached , when i start the game again the game require disk 3 ,i enable the swap in dash but nothing happend and i dont know how to fix it and this is my game files
  8. yeah true ,
  9. we dont use mod i dont use mod , but , yeah i get it , its just not cool
  10. hi guys i just want to know something , why people on link make password for there room , i just dont understand i am always see it in call of duty mw2 and 3 , why is that , why u cant let people play and have fun without this sh..t
  11. what is the password ???
  12. the link redirect me to other website i sign in but i dont see any file to download please and idea
  13. okay , thanks you friend , i ll be her waiting for your msg
  14. sorry i didnt see your replu bud , yes i did that i start the game then i login and its work fine , just naruto when i did the same like cod the game freeze
  15. yeah i did i forgot to say that in the topic , i download new cod game i put it on usb 3 16 go , and same problem remain