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  1. what about PC tools not trainers. eveyone knows that tools are better and have better cheats. aka like nonhost cheats
  2. i sec that, what games. GT MadMan
  3. Bitchin
  4. i have cable 60 mb download 6 mb uploads
  5. no. i use skype. also i am mid usa
  6. i used to host a few mouths back to i go sick of lonewolf cheaters joining my host. then i went back offline. i am looking for new friends
  8. i am down for blur. usa central time zone
  9. true.
  10. dam why so dickish
  11. idk. i have not buy the trainer yet. i will let you know ones i find out.
  12. your best bet is to look up ESTE on to buy a content trainer from. its only $20.20 paypal. ESTE will have what you are looking for. or you can try but i am sure they don't gives no fuck about content trainer, only cheater trainers
  13. no and no. you need a trainer to do so. sorry
  14. you need a content trainer from ESTE and its payed. paypal $20.20 or you are out of luck. or learn how to make your own content trainer. aka dumping offsets and coding in C++. there is no one that is free or care's to make them kind of content trainer but ESTE at