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  1. stil does not work.
  2. Hello, any update on playing without USB base board?
  3. cant wait for that! thank you! why dont you upload to github place, where default scripst are also updated?
  4. Nice work! What if youl would arange disks verticaly? It would be easyer to read.
  5. would be nice if you can browse the skins on the site.
  6. The weather script also did not find my city. I search with the country name, and in the displayed list then it showed my city, and i selected it from there.
  7. i did find setings.ini, modified there and it work as expected. thank you! can i make it apear on the main screen in a corner? (like xbmc?)
  8. OK, did that, it worked. how do i tell it that i want celsius and not farenheit?
  9. Hello, can you help me get the Weather script to work? How can i obtain an api key?
  10. WOW! This update looks very good! Some of the new functions are: Passcode Security You can now set a profile specific passcode and special permissions for different types of actions in Aurora. Cover Downloader A new menu entry in the Game Details allows you to select a specific Cover from XboxUnity. Game Wallpapers Many of you probably know that while you are in the game details for a specific game, you can press the 'BACK' button to view the background with no UI blocking your view; however, we have now added the ability to set that artwork as your dash background. Asset Importer Assets (Covers, Backgrounds, Descriptions, etc) can now be imported from the import folder on the Xbox360 harddriveWe have added a method to import assets from an import folder on your Xbox360 harddrive, allowing you to update, replace or add images and text to your games library and fill out your game details without relying on an internet connection. Screen Captures Another menu entry in the Game Details allows you to view your Freestyle Plugin screen captures from within Aurora. From this menu you can even set your screen capture as your default Aurora background. Plugin Settings Plugin settings are now in one menu entry in the Settings Menu. The settings are also rearranged to make it more user friendly. Utility Scripts The biggest feature added to 0.6b is the possibility to create "Utility Scripts". Utility scripts are self-contained LUA applications that can be launched from within Aurora. A repo browser is included that lets you download some scripts from GitHub, including a Disc to GOD script and a Weather script.
  11. Hello, what is the quickest way to transfer xbox clasic games from a xbox clasic console to a rgh 360?
  12. Whell, that did the trick! Now i can even get RIse of the Tomb Raider DLC to work.
  13. Thank you! i will try that!
  14. Hello, i have an RGH2 Xbox running Aurora dashboard. I have problems with XBLA and GOD files, if i transfer them with FilleZilla, they get corupted. If i put them on a USB stick, they can be copied or played from that USB just fine. Can you help me?
  15. Nope, it is specialy writen for FSD. I recomend for Aurora.