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  1. No DLC on non MS hardware (or USB MU)
  2. You can update by following the correct steps
  3. Try deleting and then re-set the path the Games again ....Moved to Aurora best
  4. You need to copy his data\GameData\ folder, then you need to load them using Aurora Asset Editor and manually upload each one for YOUR database... or... you can bring your Aurora on a USB stick and download on his console...
  5. It's easy to add the correct cover BY USB DRIVE...
  6. It's likely a translation problem
  7. Do not worry all your games remain intact
  8. It's easy to go to ..system/modules/fsd plugin/...Click left>>or right trigger Then deactivated rss feeds
  9. The Forum is full of question about troubleshooting for Link.Why do not you look first before placing Thread Follow these steps....disable RSS feed, keep UPNP enabled. after changing these settings, restart your xbox........Problem solved
  10. Place your images directly in the default folder backgrounds You must save the image in one of these formulas background.jpg background.png background.bmp
  11. Put this skin in skin downolder scripts
  12. GO to
  13. You must update your xbox and dashlaunch Then Switch to Aurora
  14. Contact the administrator
  15. Check spam mail