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  1. netflix_rgh

    Yes, thank you rubence yama It's a big step And thanks to this developer
  2. Try moving the profile to another disk, such as Flash Drive
  3. you need to rename the Systemupdate folder to $ystemupdate for the console to pick it up if Dashlaunch is installed.
  4. Why not put a picture of the skin ؟
  5. Have you tried looking at the spam email؟ If it did See here You can contact him
  6. Here you'll find a correct way to update CORONA 4G
  7. Why not use the search box above There are thousands of answers to this problem You must be disabled RSS FEED
  8. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition[4C4107D2]disk1 = Hdd:\Content\0000000000000000\4C4107D2\00007000\33 517B8FFD39CC64E372disk2 = Hdd:\Games\The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith\Disc 2\
  9. Try to compare if this is the right way Required Content is Located in Disc 1 and it's mandatory to install it in order to play the game and will be installed in-game which is approximately over 7.5GB in size.Disc 1 is required to be in GOD Format or Burned to a DVD in order to get the game to prompt the installation of the Required Contents which will take roughly around 40 minutes.After Installation is completed, You may either keep or delete Disc 1 in order to save space and load the game using Disc 2.You may play all 4 Discs as DVDs or in GOD Format.If you're playing it in Extracted Format (.xex), FSD is recommended for its auto disc swap feature.(Only Disc 2-4 are excepted in Extracted Format whereas Disc 1 has to be in GOD Format or as a DVD Otherwise you will not be prompted for the installation of the Required Contents)Game is tested using Disc 1 in GOD Format and Disc 2-4 in Extracted Format (.xex).(Minimum Dashboard Version Required: v2.0.16537.0)Required Content is Compatible with the following Xbox 360 Configured/Formatted Storage Devices: USB Stick. Internal Hard Drive. External Hard Drive. The folder structure used is as follows:Games \ Wolfenstein The New Order \ Disc 1 \ GOD Files.Games \ Wolfenstein The New Order \ Disc 2 \ Extracted Files.Games \ Wolfenstein The New Order \ Disc 3 \ Extracted Files.Games \ Wolfenstein The New Order \ Disc 4 \ Extracted Files.(Required Content Installation will be Automated in-game but for your curiosity, Here's a reference for the file location).Folder Structure for Required Content Installation:(Example) Hdd1 \ Content \ 0000000000000000 \ 425307F5 \ 00000001 \ content_file_1.bin (Required Content 1)(Example) Hdd1 \ Content \ 0000000000000000 \ 425307F5 \ 00000001 \ content_file_2.bin (Required Content 2)
  10. When it is ready
  11. Not possible to convert exiso games directly to GOD BUT You can convert xex format to iso It was converted iso into a formula iso2god You can use the program GOD2ISO
  12. Your update is old The current update is 17511 and dash_launch_v3.18.1
  13. OK thanks
  14. I wanted to try one script Text Viewer and network test speed but I Faced Error message ERROR> Game:\User\Scripts\Utility\NetworkSpeedCheck\main.lua:109: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value ERROR> Game:\User\Scripts\Utility\TextViewer\main.lua:215: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value