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  1. Uploading to Aurora Skin Downloader...
  2. Uploading...
  3. This new has already been lengthened and people are starting to buy new generation consoles hopes that developers release NOVA are already null lost all credibility, ask us to donate but those who donate are few and we do not enough Donations
  4. If you have already tried to put your console with fixed IP activate the UPNP and put your console in DMZ, something is sure to be in NAT and you will have to pay an extra cost to get an unrestricted IP output
  5. I'm right there's the skin.
  6. Please do not offend me, I have not offended you in any moment
  7. ok sorry, Only when new games are added then
  8. Unfortunately in public rooms we can not ban anyone because there is like an administrator that is pending all that but it is only an idea for example in live integrated in the service of demonware to detect and expel all cheaters and it works Unless they are within algul stealth server
  9. You could disable the auto scan option at startup could help a lot in the fast start of aurora, just scan the games manually when adding a new title or some DLC
  10. You could try out with your pc, XBOX 360 ISO Extract
  11. All this depends very much on the speed of the host and the speed of the client for what I understand, the service of unity is only like to be able to play in interconnection
  12. This service is very apart from unity, the service is xbls ninja search information in google and you will find. Greetings
  13. Ok, I just asked, I have not posted anything
  14. If that's right sublime text is not free
  15. And why not use Sublime Text is more friendly with the code