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  1. Guys, lets be clear. Having the original game discs is a must, but I rather like to play from harddisk, as it is easier, smoother and faster, got me? so no one is talking about pirating here. My questions are just to fihure out how to deal with multi discs games in Aurora.
  2. I mean where to copy it? And why Forza needs retail coy while GTA 5 can work in just copying the content?
  3. so how to solve this?
  4. Dear, I downloaded forza 4 wich have 2 isos, and i extracted them to my external HDD each one on a folder "F4D1" and "F4D2". Now in Aurora I see 2 discs. When I enter on disc 1 i can play without problems, but when I click on an item which needs the disc 2, the system telling me the it is jecting disc1 1 and looking into disc 2 and nothing found. I go back to the menu and click on disc2 when it run it says enter disc 1. How to play this game on aurora, and how to play GTA5 as I am downloading it right now? Thanks
  5. Dear, I have the "FORZA MOTORSPORT 4" on my HDD, and it is show in the Aurora Menu as 2 titles (due to 2 discs i know), however, when I run both of them, it is not working, and a message appears "Please insert Disc 1". How to fix that? Thanks
  6. Thanks my friend, I did really started enjoying the Aurora and I decided to use it instead of the FS3. Just 1 last thing, I have a game (2 Discs), in the menu they are shown both same name and same image, how to know which 1 is the disc 1 and which 1 is the disc 2? Note: in the hard disk they are named "Game D1" and "Game D2"
  7. Dear, 1- Can I change the game title name? 2- Can I sort games? 3- Ho to fix games which are without covers? Thanks
  8. Thanks alot solved
  9. Wow, I just tried Auror, and it is quit simple and amazing, Thanks for it guys. Just 1 question, what it is meant by Unity in the settings in Aurora?
  10. I am trying it with FSD, the error pop ups with all games!
  11. Aha I see. THanks
  12. Wow, thanks for this, I will try it tonight!
  13. Dear, I am trying to update the titles data (images and info) through but nothing is done, it seems that is dead!!! Any idea how to fix titles covers? Thanks
  14. Dear, I am trying to use GADABAMA to sync my games data and images, but always title not found error appears. Anything wrong? Thanks
  15. Thanks dear, I tried Aurora, it is great, but it is not showing covers for games, and I have about 150 games where it is too hard to create covers for them, lol. Any idea if there exist simple FS skin for directly booting to xbox 360 games? Thanks